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moting nature education as efficient mean of awareness raising (People with nature)
Date du début: 31 mars 2012, Date de fin: 29 sept. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of the project is to unite ideas, capacity and tools for improvement of nature education situation and so awareness of the society on sustainable development and integrated nature conservation in the project region of territories of Estonia, Latvia and Russia. During the project it is foreseen to create cooperation network between public and non-governmental organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Russia, promote exchange of experience between partners and target groups, raise capacity of 14 nature education centres, elaborate advanced environmental education methods, train target groups to secure spreading out ideas of sustainable development of a long term basis, inform general public about importance of integrated nature conservation that takes into account needs of people but at the same time secures conservation of nature values and functions necessary for secure and sustainable existence of society. The idea of cooperation project has been developing over several years through contacts and cooperation among part of partners. Some of the project partners from Latvia and Estonia have been working in cross-border projects already for several years and have come to conclusion that cross-border cooperation provides very effective problem solutions for regions and activate considerable growth of involved partner organisations. Besides it promotes various contacts among target groups, promote attractiveness of regions, attract investments, provide working places and influence positively self-confidence of society. During these projects they also got to know partners from Russia that resulted in an idea to develop a new common project in order to promote sustainable development in all three countries. All partners are significant stakeholders in their regions concerning nature education, conservation and promotion of sustainable development. During the project it is planned to implement various activities adjusted to various target groups that would not just provide knowledge about nature, its values and functions, but also to add personal emotional attitude and in this way promote more nature friendly behaviour in daily life. The planned activities are diverse, aimed to reach as wide part of society as possible, like development of nature education centres, create new interactive exhibitions, innovative education materials, training and seminars for young people, teachers, representatives of municipalities, journalists, etc. Activities will be carried out in all three partner countries, mainly in border regions, both in rural and city environment. Activities will be accessible to wide part of society without any exceptions. The results of the project will be more aware society of several Estonia, Latvia and Russia regions that would result in cleaner environment, saved nature values, more healthy and active people. Achievements: Outputs*6 nature education centres opened in protected areas in Latvia; *2 nature education centres improved with equipment and wider offers developed in Estonia; *3 nature education centres improved in Russia; *2 mobile nature education centres created and accessible to local people in Russia; *Various tools for attracting visitors created - 12 exhibitions and expositions made, virtual museum of the Lake Peipsi established, Biodiversity Days and International Competition organised; *3 nature trails and stations of senses are open for public in the National Park Sebezhsky in Russia, NEC Rāzna and NEC Forest School Pauguri in Latvia; *20 new study programmes developed by the Nature Conservation Agency of Latvia, Peipsi Centre of Transboundary Cooperation and St. Petersburg organisation Biologists for Nature Conservation; *Tools for nature education specialists, such as mobile boxes for environmental studies, created and at least 24 educative events such as trainings, seminars, camps and study visits for nature education organised for specialists in Estonia, Latvia and Russia; *68 study days in Latvia, Estonia and Russia were organised for wider public; *5016 children have been involved in nature education activities via different camps and study-day; *Over 79000 items of printed materials like brochures, leaflets, booklets, posters, field guides produced, as well short movies and slide shows producedResults*Quality of nature education improved via 13 newly established or improved nature education centres in Latvia, Estonia and Russia; *Positive awareness towards activities in nature and nature education has been achieved through numerous public events and attractive educational materials; *Experience and knowledge of 567 nature education specialists has been raised Learning process of school children and students improved with interactive learning materials and involvement in project activities; *Increased number of local and international visitors in NECs of Latvia, Estonia and Russia; *Strengthened capacity, accessibility and recognition of NECs and advanced environmental education methods developed; *Increased interest of wider public toward the project and nature conservation through significant number of press releases, articles disseminated and fairs attended; *Created cooperation network between public and non-governmental organisations in Estonia, Latvia and Russia; *Exchange of experiences and ideas in the form of study trips has greatly helped to establish good contact with partner organisations and disseminate project results



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