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Mothers and children in L2
Date du début: 1 janv. 2014,

This project is addressed to migrant women with preschool age children. The project will design and pilot a methodology and tools aiming at facilitating learning L2 in mothers thanks to interactions and content related to their children. The tools will be a 50 hours course the young mothers will attend with their children and a series of videos. The course will be attended jointly by the mothers and their young children. The course will be delivered in L2 and focused on nursing principles and information about nursing services in the host countries as well as family management, citizen awareness, basic ICT. During the course the mothers will be invited to nurse and interact with their children according to nursing principles by using L2; they will be also taught how to use a netbook so they could interact between themselves and with the facilitators in a web based virtual community when not a t the course. A small playground and a dedicate person will be available to care for the babies when the mothers are involved in learning without their children. The acquisition of these contents will make these women more able to interface with all the important institutions and public bodies they have to deal with for their own and their family good.For a better learning, also a set of short videos containing video lessons on the topics addressed by the course will be produced. The videos will be used by the mothers attending the course to review and repeat the contents taught at the course. The videos are also a instrument for further exploitation: the video will be available on a specific channel on YouTube so other mothers not participating to the course could use them for learning L2.The videos will be bilingual: voice and transcription will be available in host country language and in the more common migrant languages in each partner country. The starting level of mothers will be CEFR A1 and target level A2.



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