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mote Innovative Entrepreneurship through Development of an Aromatic and Pharmaceutical Plants Cluster, to Succeed Sustainable Development (InCluDe)
Date du début: 9 avr. 2012,

The main objective of the project is to set up a viable and profitable aromatic and pharmaceutical plants cluster, for the eligible area and the end customer. The project is implemented in three phases. During the first phase, the necessary foundations of the cluster are designed and implemented, exploiting and valorising different elements that are already present in the cross-border area. A Cluster Implementation Study, a Cluster Strategic Action Plan and a Viability and Sustainability Study will be elaborated. The second phase addresses the inner strengthening of the cluster that results in the necessary cohesion between the nodes of the cluster, by fostering networking, training and exchange of know-how activities. The last phase relates to the implementation of activities that will reinforce the extroversion of the cluster. These activities include networking activities such as participation in international exhibitions and networking events abroad. Information & Publicity actions include a project website, dissemination material, a cluster directory and a final event.



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