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Date du début: 1 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

One of the most important ideas of this project is to develop opportunities of youngsters with fewer opportunities and different cultural background. Another project priority is a strategy of communication - we will build and develop partnership for future cooperation in Erasmus+ program. Morocco.Co is a unique umbrella project combining several activities aiming at strengthening partnership, developing communication, helping people who are in need, creating new projects, discovering horizons of new cultures. The project title means Morocco and Company (main partnership with Morocco, but also including other partners). It reminds also Rococo - rebirth of Baroque style in all types of arts, fresh and exciting. Activity 1: EVS hosting - Morocco.Co: Make Your Project, Develop Communication. Organization is planning to host 2 volunteers for long term (1year) and 3 for short term(4months each) project. The aim of the project is to bring fresh, young perspective into professional and humanitarian work of our organization, providing young people with fewer opportunities (social, economic difficulties) a chance to develop themselves. The volunteers are expected to create ideas, make projects and organize events to combine the professional and the humanitarian branches of Framtidståget’s activities for vulnerable youngsters. Short term volunteers will work on communication development of the organization. Activity 2: EVS sending - Morocco.Co: Make Sports, Help Others. According to our previous experience, sending EVS volunteers to Morocco has been very successful: it contributes to the development of Larache city and to better self-estalishment of our volunteers with psycho-social problems. We are planning to send groups of 4 volunteers 4 times during one year with a period of 5 weeks each. The aim of the project is to give the chance to young people with fewer opportunities from Sweden to understand that they can help others and develop themselves by this. During the project the volunteers will try various types of voluntary work, e.g in center for abandoned children, home for elderly people, a church, a primary school, a social center in poor neighborhood, organizing a sports club and coaching local youngsters in football, basketball, etc. The results of the project are better feeling of the volunteers, self-confidence, working and cultural experience for better self-establishment in the future life, as well as a warning of the way of future employment. Activity 3: Youth exchange - Morocco.Co: Broaden Horizons of Culture. In spring 2015 5 young people (including group leader, from each country) with different cultural backgrounds from 6 countries Armenia, Poland, Italy, Sweden, Morocco and Russia will gather in Morocco for exchange. The youth with different cultural and religious backgrounds will share different information about actual needs, challenges, possibilities for development for youngsters from problematic regions and with specific background because more often this category is discriminated and have less opportunities from very simple things - from education to healthcare. Theory of intercultural Learning will be presented focusing on culture and learning - different, but interconnected topics. Different definitions of culture, types of learning process, differences between cognitive, emotional and behavioral learning will be presented as well as concepts of formal, non-formal and informal learning. Emphasize will be on Non formal learning, its’ methodology and role in youth work. And also this event will be a great opportunity to raise awareness about ERASMUS+, share experience of organizing YE with Morocco and build partnership between participant countries and create new projects in framework of ERASMUS+.



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