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Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The prospective participants are trainees in Public VOCATIONAL TRAINING INSTITUTE OF PIRAEUS–IEK ILIOUPOLIS, in the fields of specialization "Culinary Art Technician" comprising four classes. Their age is from 18 to 40 years old and the group is mixed, comprising men and women.Although their initial vocational training is four semesters , they have the opportunity to come into contact with innovative cooking techniques and in particular with the Molecular Gastronomy , which are not taught in any educational organization in Greece every level, not only to students but also in the professional industry, which degrades the quality of education provided to prospective Chef, highlighting the weakness of the Greek educational system to monitor the latest technological developments . Many of them are workers who have not acquired specific skills and abilities, have limited experience, professional consciousness and behavior. They are not aware of the need of "lifelong education ", most go for the first time overseas and need to improve their skills in a foreign language. Specific expertise and applications of Molecular Gastronomy are skills that only some professional Chefs possess and share only sparingly with their own colleagues. The basic need to implement this program is mobility among other things, and the coverage of gaps in learning the new curriculum of the Ministry of Education.As there was great interest in the program and in order not to exclude many, we decided that the participants in the project, after selection, would forty eight ( 48 ) trainees in total in three flows with 16 trainees each: the first flow in the Spanish organization Global Skills Network (ES) in Barcelona 13-26 November 2016, the second flow in the Italian host organization CO.EUR. - European Consulting and Training Association ( IT ) in Rome and Ascoli 15-25 Fabruary 2017 and the third flow in the same partner CO.EUR from 7 to 20 of May 2017. This program provides:• Language courses in Italian or Spanish and French terminology• visits to cultural attractions of the host cities .• Seminars• Internships in restaurants and professional schools that teach techniques Molecular culinary.Simultaneously the participants will be able to visit restaurants and sample Molecular Dish CookingKey objectives of the project are:- Maximizing the contribution of vocational training to the level of innovation that aims to increase the competitiveness and the emergence of new employment opportunities , training and certification in technology.- The purchase of certified knowledge and practical skills in thematic sections on Mediterranean Cooking and Molecular Gastronomy- To learn about and experiment with techniques Molecular Cooking- Encourage the learning of modern foreign languagesFor practical reasons, participants of each flow will be divided into two groups of ten persons and their placement will enable the application of the knowledge they have gained during the seminars. They will also receive practical training of high level professional Chef with extensive experience and comprehensive training in Molecular Gastronomy . They will become familiar with the terminology and organization of a Molecular Culinary, and innovative recipes.The expected outcomes for participants trainees are summarized below:• Acquisition of new skills and competencies in topics involving innovative cooking techniques and Molecular Cuisine, improvement of their skills associated with the profile of a professional Chef.• to increase their employability and improve their career prospects while increasing initiative and entrepreneurship• improved language skills and increased intercultural awareness• understanding the process of lifelong learning, to seek to be constantly updated on what most innovative has to show the sector of cooking and gastronomy.



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