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Morgondagens Europa - ungdomar ger sin syn på ett sunt och hållbart Europa för alla
Date du début: 10 août 2015, Date de fin: 9 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The young people involved in the exchange is from Solskiftesskolan in Österåkers municipality and Städtisches Gymnasium in Gütersloh . Students participate on a voluntary basis and the project is entirely outside the Swedish curriculum goals . The project theme : " Tomorrow's Europe - young people giving their views on a healthy and sustainable Europe " . Our objectives were: 1. young people to feel like European citizens and gain an understanding of their role as part of the present and future. 2. to get the young people to reflect on what future they wish to see in Europe and what perspectives they need to create this future ( eg by historical , geographical perspective and health awareness). 3. that the project supports dialogue and intercultural encounters with groups of people from different backgrounds and cultures. The Swedish participants had meetings every week (Aug - Sep.) . They all wrote letters. These formed the basis of host / guest - division and leaders took into account students with fewer opportunities. In doing so, they also got contact information for each other and we worked to make establish an acquaintance even before the German guests came here. We carried out all the activities we had planned except the visit to the town hall which was canceled. The follow-ups and evaluations we've done suggest that our thoughts about the purpose of the activities and the objectives we pursued is reached. Day 1 - The Swedish group baked and offered "fika" to the German guests on arrival. The young Swedes had prepared interesting questions based on the project's goals that they had been instructed to discuss at their tables, e.g what the Germans thought about the environment they saw on the way from the airport - what seems like and unlike their homeland? Later in the evening we met up again and carried out a welcome party where we sang, had music quiz and finished with the film Kings of Summer, a movie that we had chosen to talk about the importance of friends, but also how important adults may be to support and guide young people who want to stand on their own feet. The participants felt that they during the evening had the chance to be themselves and get to know each other in a comfortable way. Day 2 - Headmaster Kempe spoke about how young people are able to get involved in the local community through municipal youth councils and schools' student council, and then they compared with what it is like in Germany and what issues young people see as the most important to get involved in. The refugee crisis was the topic that the students primarily discussed which gave a good discussion on the EU's responsibility and human rights. They were then divided into groups that got to paint t- shirts and then do a photo challenge where they were to find things in the municipality created to promote the wellbeing of people in different ways , eg, playgrounds , libraries etc. We looked at their pictures together and discussed why they chose the subjects they had chosen . In the evening we had a floorball tournament where we addressed the importance of sport as a health aspect . Day 3 - a challenging cooperative exercise in Vaxholm, with the aim to show the strength of the group. At night we had "Darkness Tour" where, through the stories of how it was before, when we lived more isolated and without electricity, emphasized how important it was to have other people's support when we find ourselves in vulnerable situations. Day 4 - family day. This day the guests were guided by their host families in an activity that they found appropriate to show Sweden and their family interests. Many brought their guests into the archipelago or visited various attractions in Stockholm. Day 5 - visit to the Vasa Museum and tour of the Old Town where we focused on how different the conditions were for the people then and now, and that our choices when it comes to shaping our lives look very different. In this historical perspective, students were asked to summarize the discussions and portrayed this through a human statue or pantomime. This activity gave, according to their evaluations, much insight into the responsibility to actually take advantage of all the opportunities and choices we have to shape our lives and our society. Day 6 - students got to try massage, mindfulness and yoga (including a short lecture), the aim was to highlight inner wellbeing. They worked with clay to summarize the content of the project . These works + slide and was displayed as an opening in the evening where young people also told us about his experiences during the week. Day 7 - we made a hike with the goal to get young people to be in nature. Many were unsafe in this environment, but felt that the challenge was exciting and beneficial .



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