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More than Sport!
Date du début: 30 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 29 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This program is built on our latest project which was realized successful and we want to improve these results and their effects for the target group. 7-7 representatives (6-6 youth and 1-1 leader, altogether 28, mainly disadvantaged participants) from 4 countries (Poland, Slovakia, Italy, Hungary) visit the exchange in Kéked (Kéked Guesthouse) in the North of Hungary to find out new sports and games, get to know the national sports of the participants’ countries and the basics of the healthy lifestyle during 8 days. Participants have to consider various aspects while creating sports, such as their national sports and traditional games and that these new sports can be played by the various handicapped peers. These factors raise young people's awareness indirectly to integration an equality. During the exchange the creativity of the participants are developing, they get new insights into the existing sports, traditional games and they can learn about various marketing tools. During the program many mini projects help the promotion of sports and healthy lifestyle. Participants take part in several workshops, where they can learn about each other's national sports, games and basics of a healthy diet, through non-formal education tools and discussion forums. The common programs allow the solidarity among the nationalities and make unobserved the commitment for Europe without borders. This project strenghtens the needs for personal connections, recognizes the needs for team work and makes the healthy lifestyle.



3 Participants partenaires