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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MONTEARAGON- SARZANA 2015 With the current project, IFPE MONTEARAGON intends to continue its modernization, innovation and internationality policies initiated in the last years through Erasmus programmes. Our Vocational School is settled in Huesca, Spain. We teach courses related with Agriculture, Mechanical manufacture and Social Issues and comunity services. During this year 470 students are enrrolled. Our Host Organisation is IISS " PARENTUCELLI ARZELÁ", is in sarzana, During this year 1300 students are enrroled in courses related with Agriculture, Tourism and Economics. This organisation has a wide background in European Projects and has a remarkable number relationships with the businesses of the area, as well as relationship into Parco REgionale Portovenere. SeaSide Natural Park which belongs to "Nature 2000" and where they develop several projects related with restoration and conservancy activities, Fauna and flora monitoring and Environmental Education. We apply for 2 Mobilities for students traineeship and 2 mobilities for teachers to undertake professional experience in an enterprise. Through these mobilities we intend to improve the quality of our way of teaching . We consider these kind of programmes an excellent tool to improve our academic, professional, cultural and personal achievements. The incorporation of learners to a workplace in another country improve their knowledge and profesional skills, as well as their comunication skills. That, will represent and advantage in their labour prospective. This project could help to improve our "European Image and projection " due to Erasmus programmes prestige, as well as getting to be recognized in an international sphere. The Host organisation will benefit from the cultural schoolarship between our students and the tourism students having a reciprocal feedback. Through these partnership we would develop future and bigger European projects, with environmental education and respect for the enviroment as a fundamental theme.



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