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Monolithic Widely Tunable Interband Cascade Lasers \nfor Safety and Security (WideLase)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Description Monolithic Widely Tunable Interband Cascade Lasers for Safety and Security The WideLase project focuses on compact, rugged and cost effective laser sources with wide tuning range for safety and security applications in the 3.3 to 7.0 µm wavelength range.Three particular challenging applications with significant market potential are investigated within the project. There are no suitable application grade semiconductor lasers for these sensor applications yet available on the market. The aim of the WideLase project is to overcome these limitations and to achieve the following goals:Novel Interband Cascade based laser structures with wide gain bandwidth will be realized enabling room temperature continuous wave operation. The developed structures will exceed existing Quantum Cascade Laser performance figures in the targeted mid infrared range.Novel monolithic concepts for electrical tuning based on multi-section DFB as well as acousto-opto-electronic lasers will be developed for the first time in the wavelength range of interest. This will result in monolithic devices with an unprecedented tuning range of up to 200nm formerly in reach only by external cavity lasers, which are not suitable for the targeted applications mainly because of their high cost and their lack of ruggedness.These novel high performance photonic sources will allow the development of the following highly sensitive detection systems:- Laser based sensor for remote detection of alcohol against drunk driving- Laser based sensor for formaldehyde monitoring- Laser based sensor for hydrocarbon leak detection.In order to reach these goals, significant challenges have to be overcome in various fields, ranging from epitaxial semiconductor growth via laser design and processing to mid infrared sensor development. The consortium comprises renowned research groups, academic and industrial SME partners from across Europe with a range of complementary competencies covering all aspects from semiconductor material development to photonic components and sensor systems.



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