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Monitoring Technology Enhanced Pedagogy
Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MENTEP (MENtoring Technology-Enhanced Pedagogy), a policy experiment involving public authorities in 13 countries, coordinated by European Schoolnet, aims to:Develop a reliable, user-friendly and sustainable tool for teachers to self-assess progress in 1СГ competenceTest the tool's usefulness using rigorous counterfactual protocols, its effect on ICT competencies and peer learningBased on data from the tool, provide policy-makers with a national and EU picture of teachers' ICT competency, its evolution over a school year and where to focus trainingIdentify conditions for the tool to be widely usedDisseminate and sustain the tool, the experimental approach and the findingsThe experimental measure is a policy measure to enable teachers to monitor their ICT competency using a tool (a multi-linguai questionnaire and associated support materials in an online eco-system). ICT competency is proficiency in using ICT in teaching, applying sound pedagogic and didactic judgment, and being aware of its implications for learning. Its goal is to strengthen and monitor teachers' ICT competency, and ultimately to raise the quality of education. Its objectives are to:Obtain accurate individual and aggregated measures, comparable across countries and over time, of teacher ICT competence and training needs using a collaboratively developed online tool based on initial versions in three countriesEmpower teachers to self-direct their professional development using the tool as a mentor, identifying skills gaps and automatically generating training suggestionsLink the tool to an eco-system across countries providing EU and local support and trainingDevelop a freely adaptable process for conducting randomised controlied field triais in schoolsThe measure's target group is teachers in basic and secondary (ISCED levels 1-3) schools in partner countries.The counterfactual methodology Is based on sampling first at school and then, within sampled schools, at teacher level, analysing impact of field trials, using randomised test and control groups. The expected impact on education systems is:A better understanding of teacher ICT competency policies and existing self-assessment toolsAnonymised metrics on teachers' ICT competency at individual, country and EU level at ten-month intervals.Use of an adaptable new tool to support policy and teachers to audit teachers' ICT competenceHigher levels of teacher ICT competencyQuantitative evidence obtained through field trials of the usefulness of this online means of assessing and certifying teachers' ICT competenceWidespread use of automated guidance in an eco-system supporting teachers and policy-makersAn understanding of conditions for mainstreaming and implementation in other countries of the tool and the eco-system from field trial data and cross-country analysis.



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