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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MEET, Mondriaan European Experience Two will succeed the mobility project MEE of ROC Mondriaan. MEET will broaden and expand European internships and is an important component of the recently formulated Internationalization Policy. ROC Mondriaan (1900 employees) is the VET Institution in the The Hague region which offers vocational education to approximately 18.000 students. It promotes employment and / or social participation of its students. Besides a concern for the ‘basics’ there is a focus on the ‘exceptional’ with explicit attention to innovation. For the period 2015 - 2019 an internationalization policy has been written: "ROC Mondriaan local as well as global". With this firmly stated policy agenda, ROC Mondriaan has taken a step forward in streamlining and embedding existing international activities and the expansion of international exchanges and internships. The general objectives are for students to: • promote and increase their European horizons • increase their perspective on labour markets • expand skills and learn to apply them in other contexts • develop more independency and self-reliance • gain a better knowledge of foreign languages such as English, Spanish and German and for our employees to: • gain new motivation, inspiration and knowledge, so they can transfer the latest know-how and developments, and the importance of international experiences to their students. Planned mobilities: Care and Wellbeing / Estonia: 20 bbl students (learners in companies) The project in Estonia is a stable one. Students take on assignments to improve living conditions of clients in various institutions. Because of their work bbl students can stay on an internship up to 2 weeks. The impact of the training is not only of importance for the students, but also for the Estonian partners, as new methods and skills are implemented. Nursing / Spain: 20 students Nursing students gain more specialized knowledge, perform more nursing activities and have a greater responsibility than on internships in the Netherlands. The students do a four-month internship in (specialist) clinics such as rehabilitation, infertility, cardiovascular surgery. Tourism and Recreation / Spain: 20 students Travel / Germany: 20 students Front Office We want our students to think and act across Dutch borders. Therefore Intercultural communication is high on the agenda. Knowledge of another culture, hospitality as well as the compulsory learning of a second language are essential. In this context, students are immersed in the German or Spanish language and culture through training and business assignments. The underlying objective for the mobility to Germany is to improve the image of our students with regard to Germany, the Germans and the German language. Technology / Malta: 24 students 4 schools of Engineering want to introduce European internships among their students. Malta has been chosen because of the possibilities in all four areas of technology and the fact that in Malta, besides English, an Arabic dialect is spoken. This can be an additional motivation due to the background of many students. Aims for our students to participate in this project include: obtaining independence and acquiring more self-reliance, undergoing cultural differences, improving cooperation, getting a broader view and realizing that the labour market is larger than that of the Netherlands. Fashion / England and Turkey: 8 students Almost all textile production takes place abroad. Our students will get acquainted with the production process in this 15-week European internship. When looking for a job it’s a great advantage for a student being able to prove having been on a work placement abroad. Precisely because the fashion industry has an international scope. Staff 16 employees will be given the opportunity of a foreign internship/training to develop and to learn about other learning systems and innovative developments. For now, the planned mobilities are related to employees whose students go on an European internship. The goal is to gain new insights and inspiration, build contacts and share experience within the organization, also in order to inspire other colleagues to participate in the Erasmus + program. The experiences of students and staff will be shared within their own schools through presentations, throughout the organization via the Intranet and workshops during a symposium. Experiences will be shared with the entire class by means of keeping a blog and presentations. They will take place after students and staff are returned, but we will try to do this also during the internship of students through Skype. With this project we expect to make an important contribution to perpetuating internationalization. We expect that our newly acquired insights will enable us even more to link up with labour market developments and the international field of the Haaglanden region and the city of The Hague as the International City of Peace and Justice.



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