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Mondriaan European Experience Three: International Natural Gathering
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MEETING, the new Erasmus + project ROC Mondriaan, is the follow-up of project MEE. MEETING stands for Mondrian European Experience Three, International Natural Gathering: to meet, to come together, to learn from each other. MEETING has expanded the number of mobilities, and more importantly, more schools are connected. Internationalization is a priority at ROC Mondriaan!ROC Mondriaan (1.950 employees) is the VET Institution in the The Hague region which offers vocational and adult education to approximately 21.000 students. It promotes employment and/or social participation of its students. Mondrian has written its internationalization program in the policy document "Mondrian local as well as global". The policy consists of three main parts: 1. The Hague International City, 2. International orientation of schools, including the overseas internships and 3. Exchange programs. The strategic ambitions 2016 - 2019 of our institute include explicitly an international orientation as well; the themes "Improvement of education quality" and "Promoting/encouraging innovation and global citizenship" have both an international perspective.In this project, Mondriaan wants to stimulate individual experience abroad and embed international activities in the organization. Our overall objectives are:- to develop international competencies- to broaden horizons and prospects- personal development- to improve foreign languages- to gain inspiration, motivation and knowledge by staffThe mobilitiesCare and Welfare / Estonia 20 students BBLIn Estonia our partners demand a possible solution on a specific case. Out students will work on this topical issue for two weeks. The students present the possible solution and will engage the employees to implement the new method.Nursing & Care / Spain 34 studentsOur Nursing students go on a 20 weeks internship, Our car students go on a 12 weeks internship. They go to hospitals and nursing homes in Spain. The activities in Spain are more specialized and our students deal with more accountability than in the Netherlands.Tourism and Recreation / Spain, Germany 30 studentsStudents who want to follow the shortened duration curriculum level 4 of the courses Front Office Manager, Manager travel salesman, or Executive leisure & hospitality, make this study visit addition to the curriculum. Our students will work together with the students of our partner schools using Spanish or the German language.Fashion / England, Turkey 8 studentsFashion students start a 15-week internship in England or Turkey, which is mainly contributed to the production process itself. And which is almost impossible to experience in the Netherlands.Technique / Malta, Ireland 24 studentsThese students do a 12-week internship in Malta or Ireland. In Malta they follow a language training one day a week and follow an approved apprenticeship four days a week. In Ireland they go intern at an IT company to make a full apprenticeship.Lifestyle, Sport and Exercise / Austria 10 studentsStudents go on an internship for three weeks in Austria. They will give ski and snowboard lessons for children and adults at different levels and of different nationalities.Hairdressers / England 10 studentsStudents follow a training at the ADC college and do their internship at Hair and Beauty Salons. They are placed in host families during two weeks. They will have a focus on cultural differences and trendy new skills while learning English.46 employeesThere will be two group study travels: the team of (Specialized) Pedagogic employees go to Finland, and Hospitality and Facility Services go to Belgium / Northern France. They will acquire knowledge, visit schools and exchange experiences with colleagues. The program of all individual training / study trips is compiled based on the learning needs of the employee and / or training.All participants will have an unforgettable experience: an experience abroad deepens knowledge and provides new insights and inspiration. The internship contributes to the autonomy, self-reliance and personal responsibility of students and employees. They acquire a better knowledge of a foreign language, move in a completely different context than they’re used to and therefore it will deliver a wealth of experience and a better perspective on the labor market. Together with our partners we are building a European network for proper placement and knowledge exchange. The internships abroad are means to embed Internationalization in a structural way. It will connect the international labor market and is a way to present the schools attractively. The Hague region has a large international business field and with the structural embedding of our internationalization policy, we are an interesting partner for the regional labor market.



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