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Molecular Scale Electrochemistry and Nontraditional Electrochemical Materials Science (ELETRONANOMAT)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2013, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

ELECTRONANOMAT offers major efforts towards establishing and developing a new joint European/Chinese network in comprehensive frontline electrochemical and biological surface science. The network will be a platform for future collaboration based on extensive staff exchange and knowledge transfer among the partner institutions. “Molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry at non-traditional electrode surfaces” is a core notion, rooted in designed electrocatalytic materials with new and interesting properties. The materials are metallic and semiconductor nanoparticle, graphene, and photo-active composite materials, as well as ionic liquid media, prepared by tailored chemical synthesis and characterised to nanoscale and single-atom/molecule resolution by sophisticated physical techniques. The new materials are the basis for multifarious, coordinated efforts in precisely defined joint projects in molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry, single-molecule scanning probe studies, photo-electrocatalysis, and nanomaterial/(bio)molecular hybrids, accompanied by strong theoretical support. Core achievements will include detailed understanding of electronic and transport properties of single “smart” molecules (transition metal complexes, redox metalloproteins) in novel environments, and electrochemical mapping of electronic properties of the new materials alone and in combination with “smart” (bio)molecules. Development of next generation ultra-sensitive chemical and bioelectrochemical sensor devices based on the novel interdisplinary surface science is also offered by the European/Chinese collaboration. The eight strong Chinese and European groups offer all complementary expertise in chemical synthesis, surface characterization, electrochemistry, scanning probe technology, and theoretical expertise needed for the proposed coordinated effort. In return the project will lift molecular and biomolecular electrochemistry and surface science to a new European/Chinese-based level.



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