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Molecular Medicine for Bladder Cancer (BCMolMed)
Date du début: 1 oct. 2012, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

BCMolMed integrates complementary and multi-disciplinary expertise of two main (research-intensive SME-academia) and five associate partners with the objective to generate a state of the art training platform on application-oriented biomarker research and systems biology. Special emphasis is placed on the efficient employment of proteomics and bioinformatics techniques to clinical research, and understanding clinical phenotypes in a spherical manner, in line to main EU research priorities. Research is applied to the identification of biomarkers and molecular determinants of bladder cancer recurrence and invasiveness, (with emphasis on extracellular matrix proteins), due to its clinical significance and availability of molecular data. The main industrial partner brings in commercial expertise and entrepreneurship, advanced proteomics technology and know-how on statistics, and a dynamic scientific commercial environment, highly complementing the academic partner bringing in knowledge on molecular biology and disease models disease, specific technologies and the “academic” ‘educational- focused” mentality. The associate partners provide complementary knowledge on molecular biology, systems biology, and clinical expertise and resources. Besides providing a solid scientific foundation in the fields of proteomics, bladder cancer research and systems biology, the training program has been designed to equip the ESRs with efficient cross-discipline communication skills capable to reach multiple target groups. A structured curriculum is proposed consisting of individual research projects, secondments between partners, and various training modules (courses, workshops, webinars). This integrative approach can be substantially beneficial and is expected to generate effective researchers and entrepreneurs in the fields of biomarker and drug target while providing valuable insight in bladder cancer molecular pathology and validated biomarkers.



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