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Modernización de la Familia de Imagen Personal
Date du début: 1 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Bringing the project 'Modernización de la Imagen Personal' up to date is the natural consequence of various circumstances: - The growing demand for professionals who have a working command of second languages (specially English and/or German) is seen more and more as necessary condition all along a heavily touristic area as Costa del Sol. - The lack of opportunities that the hairdressing and personal image students have traditionally had to get public funds to travel abroad and the conviction that having those opportunities would increase the possibility of finding jobs and improve their education. - To provide ourselves with opportunities to continue working on the topics dealt with in our Leonardo 2013-1-DK-LEO04054385 project as well as maintaining the already established links with our Leonardo partners. All the work done, all the synergies created would be become more fruitful. - The possibility to create a new curriculum for a new optional subject next year properly adapted to the Spanish Education System (LOE ) which would make it possible for our staff to get further training in specialties such as 'Ecobeauty', ICT applied to personal image and English. - Our total conviction of the need to promote Ecological beauty parlours to protect the health of both the professionals working there and the customers while we contribute to protecting the environment as new opportunities for business arise. - Promoting entrepreneurship through the acquisition of new business ideas. This project will be put into action in the next two years. Participants would be 6 students from one of our sections plus 8 teachers. The students would train abroad for some time. 3 of the participating teachers would supervise the experience of the students during visits lasting 4 days. 5 other teachers would spend a month abroad aiming to improve their professional skills and improve their use of the language. To do so, we expect to be able to work with various firms, attend language lessons and do job-shadowing. The students taking part will be selected considering their fluency in the language, their motivation as well as their professional, personal and social skills. The sending school is expected to be responsible for doing most of the paperwork involved such as selecting and training candidates, fill in mobility documents, decide the budget, organizing the trip, and will have the last word concerning the assessment of the students. The host school will provide help with logistical issues such as lodging, transportation and finding adequate workplaces for the students. They will also facilitate the participation of the students in formal lessons and training for the first two weeks of their stay. They will name a tutor/supervisor to act as an intermediary between the students and the firms. At the end of the stay, the school will also assess the students's work according to the guidelines agreed on. As regards the participating teachers, the host school is expected to help finding firms for them to work at and language schools to attend lessons and will consent to job-shadowing and permit the use of their resources by the visiting teachers. The visiting teachers will cooperate in the activities assigned to them like teaching lessons, writing projects or taking part in research. The benefits expected to arise from this project in the short, medium and long term are the following: The participating students will have a much better chance to find jobs through having improved their use of the second language as well as their professional, social and personal skills. All of that is considered an absolute must in the surrounding area which receive millions of tourists every year. We expect the students to benefit too from sheer personal growth and self-esteem. We expect them to be able to benefit likewise from the knowledge of the ideas and projects they were exposed to while being abroad. The new skills and knowlege acquired by the participating teachers will be incorporated right away in our school, as explained before, through the creation of new curricula for new specialties. Learning and teaching of the English language is expected to be established definitely in the vocational section of our school which will give a big boost to acquiring a global and European dimension. We also mean to give a big push to promoting 'ecobeauty' by using the inertia created by the Leonardo project we have been involved in for the last two years. The afore-mentioned project has made it possible for us to be known in our region as we all became fully aware of the need to bring sustainability and the promotion of professional health care in line with the standards seen in the most advanced European countries.



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