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MODernising higher Education through Soft skills accreditation
Date du début: 1 oct. 2009,

The Process of Bologna calls for an urgent reform the higher education system so that universities may become motors of change and innovation. One strategic action is the curricula reform to tailor them with the requests coming from the labour market (cfr. Comm. "New skills for new jobs").Nevertheless, relevant weaknesses are still detectable. The programmes of most EU universities are still rooted to traditional scientific learning and few spaces are given to soft and complementary skills. The objective will be the integration of a common European programme on soft skills in the academic curricula and in the diploma supplement. This new curriculum will enrich the students' profile with new employment-oriented competencies (such as "Leadership, "Enterpreneur spirit", "Capacity for generating new ideas (creativity)"). The curriculum will be developed with a participatory approach university-business. Background information will be:- Existing best practices on soft skills education methodologies already implemented by some partners (such as "Collegi universitari legalmente riconosciuti" and "Colegios Mayores"); - Consultation with enterprises and stakeholders to identify a set of required common soft skills. The main deliverables will be:- Handbook on the academic programme on soft skills in four languages (Italian, Spanish, Polish, English). - Prototype of a serious game on soft skills in four languages (Italian, Spanish, Polish, English)- Website and e-newsletter in four languages (Italian, Spanish, Polish, English).- Final conference for the dissemination of results ImpactSignificant impacts will be:- Students formed according to the companies’ needs and requests;- Easier mobility of the students and young professionals within Europe thanks to the accreditation and mutual recognition of the module- Easier matching of the graduates' profile to the labour market requests- Improved relations university-enterprises - Modernisation of the higher education with more flexible competences of the students



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