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MODERNISATION OF HIGHER EDUCATION Intervention through ARTS Education in Universities, Schools and European Society in General

Increasingly globalised and rapidly changing societies where knowledge is ageing at a very fast rate pose major challenges to teaching in schools and universities. Future teachers will need a broad range of key skills in order to have a flexible impact on intercultural conditions in schools. Discrimination of all kinds, fear of foreigners, learning disorders, behavioural problems, addiction, racism and violence are on the rise in the classroom and pose a threat to lifelong learning. ITAE is a global consortium of universities, secondary and primary schools, social institutions and gallery owners that seeks, through arts education, to identify and address problem areas and, through art, to promote intercultural dialogue. Teams consisting of university lecturers, school teachers, trainee teachers, parents, artists and gallery owners at both national and international level will complement each another through expertise in intercultural dialogue and develop teaching methods, projects and aids to support teachers in problematic multicultural classrooms. ITAE seeks to optimise national and international exchanges between universities and schools in order to react more quickly and effectively to changing social conditions, devise strategies for lifelong learning, and prepare trainee teachers to the opportunities of a multicultural society using modernised learning models. ITAE networks schools with partners in the world of science, social institutions and the arts, thereby promoting public relations activities regarding the fostering of intercultural dialogue at national and international level. Based on sociological field studies, the multinational consortium will devise arts-teaching methods that increase motivation, creativity, self-esteem and tolerance among students, helping actively to combat all forms of discrimination. The students’ works will be displayed in national and international galleries. Knowledge from teaching practice will have a direct impact on the development of teaching at universities, thus modernising the range of study and further education courses on offer. The results of multinational cooperation are the exchange, dissemination and provision of educational expertise in the form of a teacher’s book entitled “Intervention through arts education” and the organisation of a global ITAE congress. With the results of projects, findings and teaching material, the ITAE website also invites colleagues throughout the world to test and further develop the ITAE arts offensive.