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Mobilumas - inovacijos - patirtis
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 1 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe has been rising up after the economic and financial crisis. The rate of unemployment, especially youth unemployment,is really high.Preparation of specialists in Lithuania has become more oriented towards development of practical skills and abilities; the guarantee for the youth employment is a good education applicable in the labour market. Once the knowledge, skills are gained, it still cannot guarantee the successful career in the contemporary labour market – skills and knowledge are to be constantly developed, therefore the mastery in the sphere of primary and further vocational education can be attained through flexible possibilities to learn and to get qualification, encouragement of the international mobility. It is possible to state that the mobility of students from institutions of vocational education and training, their practical working experience in institutions of vocational education abroad (practical professional training) as well as in organisations(practical learning at work) significantly improves the learning motivation, higher interest in the own sphere,development of practical–professional skills, development of intercultural and interpersonal features while this whole complex of skills and abilities helps the young person to get ready for the work in the contemporary labour market.Many people note that the teacher is a specific type of a specialist and can be characterised by some appropriate way of living, specific relations with others,professional ethics and other features. It is not enough that teachers are good for children and teach them on the base of the intuition, personal attitudes or the traditional wisdom. Contemporary teachers are responsible for their teaching methods to be effective. The profession teacher must be flexible, modern, able to apply contemporary educational methods by using IT possibilities, interested in educational novelties, constantly learning and analysing the own activity, creating own theories for the development of class activities, teaching,aiming to change the own school,because the changing context of the school forms appropriate requirements.The most important thing is the constant learning of the teacher as well as striving for the perfection, interest in novelties and practical transfer of the know-how. The main aims of the project: 1) To encourage the mastery within the sphere of primary and further vocational training as well as quality and relevance, to increase the learning motivation of students, to develop their practical professional skills through the international mobility, practical learning in the intercultural environment by developing abilities for work. 2) To encourage innovations, creativity and ICT application in vocational education and training – to encourage information communication competences of participants as well as application and use of new technologies in everyday work, to look for innovative educational methods by getting acquainted with new educational solutions,applied in the everyday process of education in the intercultural environment. 3) To develop competences of the foreign language. The project shall gather 28 students from Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre who correspond to the indicated selection criteria - they will deepen their practical skills in Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Ireland and 18 profession teachers and specialists organising the process of education at Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre – they will observe the work and application of ICT technologies within the process of education in Spain,France and the Czech Republic. Practical learning in the modern environment with consultations of professional foreign masters who demonstrate the knowledge in contemporary technologies and trends shall grant useful professional knowledge and skills.The developed professional skills, linguistic and intercultural competences as well as personal features and gained documents shall have a positive effect on the future learning, professional development, employment and successful career. Teachers and specialists,organising the process of education after the motilities, on the base of the gained experience, shall prepare methodological recommendations for the ICT application in the everyday work,the process of teaching, organisation of the process of teaching.Experience gained during the mobility shall guarantee not the short term, but the long term benefit for the whole organisation – there will be a possibility to develop the adapted ICT innovations by adding information to the content of electronic learning/ teaching aids, by expanding services provided by the electronic manner to students and their parents. Strive of Šiauliai Vocational Education and Training Centre for the future is the well-functioning distance learning system that would ensure the better possibilities to learn and to acquire professional qualification for the greater range of people.



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