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Mobilny mechanik na europejskim rynku pracy
Date du début: 15 déc. 2014, Date de fin: 14 déc. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The title of the project is ?A Mobile Mechanic In the European Job Market?. The fulfilled project aimed at presenting the mobility of students educated in vocational schools. The participants of this project, trainees, were students of Vocational Schools Complex in Hajnówka, specialised in machinery. I, II and III Year students of mechanical college took part in a placement organised by the Chamber of Crafts in Potsdam. They attended classes held in the Craft Support Centre in GÖtz. The project aimed at supporting participants in gaining useful and attractive knowledge, abilities and job qualifications. What is more, the project contributed to developing students? occupational German language, as well as learning about current culture and work organization methods, so that our students could make use of them after coming back to Poland. Furthermore, taking part in the placement aimed at enhancing job opportunities of the employees-to-be, make it easier for them to find an attractive occupation and, most importantly, support them in starting their own businesses after graduation from the technical college. According to the postulates of the project, the placements were conducted in two groups, consisting of 16 students. The event was held between 19.04.2015 and 9.05.2015. The majority of participants come from families stricken by unemployment, who inhabit mainly rural areas. The stay in a totally different and new environment gave them opportunity not only to develop their occupational language and adaptation skills, but also gain some additional qualifications. As it is stated in a report, which was compiled after the placemen had been completed, students? professional competences increased and the objectives of the project were totally fulfilled. Furthermore, the participants? level of self-confidence increased. They not only learnt about working methods applied in German enterprises, but they also discovered new possibilities for their professional development, which consequently led to the increase in their self-worth level. Most importantly, the participants of the project developed and improved their skills by acquiring unique elements connected with their occupation. Besides, as far as communication in a workplace is concerned, they managed to break the language barrier. Each participant received Europas Mobility document, which includes very precise information concerning the occupational as well as additional profits of the placement. What is more, students got the internship completion certificate, language, cultural and pedagogical course certifications, as well as the certification of ?e-sta?e? platform service. Thanks to fulfilling the workplace duties, the trainees gained numerous practical abilities. They also attained work experience which obviously will improve their chances of finding an attractive job not only in Poland, but also abroad.



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