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Mobilność zawodowa uczniów i nauczycieli ZSTZ Radzymin
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled “Occupational mobility of students and teachers from ZSTZ Radzymin” will be attended by two groups of participants. The first group consists of 3rd year students who are learning to become nutrition and catering technicians (20 students + 2 tutors). The second group consists of vocational teachers from our school who specialize in catering, landscape architecture, computer science. In the second group there will also be the headmaster, the manager of vocational education, the career counsellor and the coordinator of EU projects – a total of 17 people. Both groups will go to London: the students for 2 weeks – in October 2015, the teachers for 1 week – at the turn of July and August 2016. The students will improve their professional skills and gain professional competence working in restaurants, cafés or hotels /in London e.g. Pulman Hotel, Bul and Last, Peppercorn, Holiday Inn Hotel, The Richmond Gate Hotel, Café Rive Gauche, Reynold’s Café. The vocational teachers will become familiar with the model of vocational training in the UK, regulations and organizational structure of English education, methodology and form of educational training in the UK, the functioning of vocational education in England, school facilities, school curriculum, the schedule of vocational subjects and lessons during the whole training, the organization of work experience. Both groups will take part in a cultural programme devoted to the history and sights of London. Methodology used in the course of the project includes: demonstrations, lectures, analysis, presentations and observations. The aims of the project are: - to acquire professional skills and experience by the participants of the projects; confirmed by the Europass Certificate - to increase employment opportunities for students in the local and European labour market - to increase attractiveness and quality of vocational education in our school - to familiarize with the British system of vocational education - to give the students as well as the teachers the chance to use and improve their English language skills - to create the possibility of travelling abroad for students and school staff in order to develop their knowledge of the British culture and sensitise them to cultural diversity of Europe and thus develop their sense of European identity. Expected results: 1. New qualifications, skills and work experience of students from vocational technical school whose field of study is nutrition and catering; confirmed by the Europass Certificate. 2. Better knowledge of English of 20 students, 2 tutors of the group and 17 vocational teachers. 3. Growth of personal self-confidence, improvement of communication and organisational skills as well as more open attitude of all participants of the project towards cultural diversity in Europe. 4. Familiarity with British labour market and system of vocational education. 5. School staff equipped with new experience as well as methods and ways of work. 6. Better integration of vocational teaching staff environment. 7. Better integration of students taking part in the apprenticeship. Influence of the project: Participants of the project- students will be able to include their new working in London experience in their CV. After completing the project we expect them to find job in the professions they were trained for. We believe thus that it will prevent them from joining the group of unemployed. Another hope we have is that they will use English language fluently at their work and they will not be afraid to look for a job abroad. If we take a group of teachers into account, the apprenticeship will allow them to improve the quality of vocational education by forming adequate educational goals, creating and implementing job counseling programmes which consider students' needs.(providing them access to European labour market, including British market).Moreover the programme will enable the school to be more competitive at the educational market.The exchange of experience with our partner from Britain will give us opportunity to create image of a school leaver who can easily find his place at European labour market and who has special intercultural competence (which is connected with tolerance and open atitude to cultural difference which people who go abroad to work are likely to come across. Therefore more effective education of teenagers will enable higher standards of gastronomy, computing and gardening services. It is also great opportunity of promotion, gaining well qualified working staff as well as wider development of these branches in the town of Radzymin, Wolomin district, Mazovia province and Poland. The project will also have meaningful influence on the school students who will use experience, knowledge and working methods developed and improved by profession teaching staff during their stay abroad. Another essential profit is a distinct increase in number of candidates applying for our school.


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