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Mobilność zawodowa szansą na rynku pracy - zagraniczne praktyki zawodowe uczniów ZSGŻIA w Lęborku
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The following project is directed to the students of ZSGŻiA in Lębork who are trained in the following vocations: Economist Technician, Hotel Industry Technician, Information Technology Technician, Food Processing Technician, Technician of Nourishment and Catering Service, Organisation of Advertising Technician. The project involves sending of three groups (inclusively 90) secondary school students for work placements to the UK, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria. The main objective of the project is to improve educational and vocational training skills. 90 students of ZSGŻiA are given an unique opportunity not only to gain work experience and training skills, but also to enable compliance with the requirements of the modern labor market in order to increase employability. All the parties involved in the implementation of the project will be required to apply the regulations set in European Quality Charter for Mobility and European Credit System for Vocational Education & Training (ECVET). Students who qualify to participate in the work placement will become involved in professional language and intercultural trainings. They will also attend two – or four week placements in foreign enterprises. As the result of participation in the project trainees will acquire new vocational skills attested with certificates that will enhance their chances on the labor market. Foreign Mobility will enable students not only to gain new knowledge and professional experience, recognition of the professional environment in another country, but will also contribute to the growth of personal and social competence through development of creativity in education, entrepreneurship, the ability to adapt to changes together with comprehensive personal and cultural development of young people. What is more, trainees involved in the project will increase their language and IT competences. Implementation of the project will enrich students’ learning and improve staff’s competence by adding foreign mobility. Establishing contact with foreign employers and institutions of vocational education will be the part of school marketing in the future.



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