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Mobilność nauczania w zawodzie mechanik i elektromechanik pojazdów samochodowych, szansą na zdobycie nowych umiejętności.
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Mobility teaching of mechanic and vehicle electrician proffesions, a chance to learn new skills" aims to start a cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts in Potsdam, which will result in the student exchange of young people studying in zespol Szkol Samochodowych in Bydgoszcz, in the form of the two-week practice at the Götz training center. The projects aim is to organize internships for 64 students and a group of 8 guardians sent in four teams consisting of 16 students and 2 guardians to a project partner in Germany. The project participants will be chosen from a group of students from classes II and III and class II of principal school via the recruitment process. The project participants will be the students who achieved the best results in previous semesters and with outstanding conduct grade. The project is aadressed to students in classes with vehicle mechanic and electrician profiles. The projects aim is the obtainment of new skills and competencies in the fields of mechanical and electromechanical motor vehicles by the participants. In addition, students will raise their level of knowledge of German and English on the theoretical and practical classes organized by the project partner. In these classes students will learn about modern procedures of repair and diagnosis of the failures of modern vehicles with conventional and hybrid drives. At the same time they will learn the principles of work and employment in companies from the automotive industry in Germany. On field trips organized in their free time, students will learn about specific cultures and deepen their knowledge about the history of the country in which they will live. Contact with young people from Germany, during the course, will be an opportunity for participants to improve their language skills. During the project the partners experience in dual mechanic and car electrician proffesions teaching will be used ie. A combination of theoretical and practical aspects of working in the profession. It is a method of learning the profession that has not yet been used in Polish schools, but it has a very good result in the Western partner. The expected outcome of the project is to increase participants' knowledge in the field of new technologies, particularly in the field of construction of hybrid cars. At the same time the expected result is to increase the linguistic competence of the projects participants in terms of German and English. The expected results of the project will be: 1. Getting the Europass document - Mobility enables validation of professional experience in ones resume. 2. Obtaining confirmation that the project participants received training. 3. Modification of the existing curricula in engineering and Electrical engineering profession in terms of knowledge and experience. 4. Creating a website to promote the results of the project. Expected soft results: 1. Obtaining additional skills in the profession of automotive mechanics and electrical engineering. 2. The improvement of language skills, especially proffesional German and English. 3. Increasing the mobility of the projects participants and increasig their emloyability on the European and national labor market. 4. Increasing the students and their parents awareness, that the knowledge of a foreign language creates additional opportunities in the labor market. Encouraging students to learn foreign languages. 5. Shaping appropriate pupils attitude ,stimulating and strengthening entrepreneurship, competitiveness, independence, open-mindedness, tolerance facilitating the carrying out their profession abroad and dealing with unusual circumstances. 6. Learning about the history, culture and work, rest and living conditions in another EU country; 7. Improving the quality and attractiveness of vocational training in Zespol Szkol Sanochodowych in Bydgoszcz; 8. Gaining experience that will be used in the preparation of future projects. The long-term impact of the project is to raise the prestige of the school and increase interest in junior high school students who wish to study in Zespol Szkol Samochodowych in Bydgoszcz. Improving the quality of education in the car mechanic and electrician proffesions, moving the teaching experience at the school ground that will make the school graduates more attractive in the eyes of employers in the region. Long-term cooperation with the Chamber of Crafts in Potsdam will result in the creation of new educational projects.



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