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Mobilność europejska kluczem doświadczenia zawodowego - praktyki zawodowe we Włoszech
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The promoter of the project „European mobility as a key of vocational experience- professional practice in Italy” is John Paul II Complex of Schools of Economics in Staszów and the Project partner is Sistema Turismo s.r.l. from Potenza (Italy). The Project anticipates the departure of 30 students of technical secondary school of: hotel management, technical secondary school of catering industry, logistics and Information Technology on professional practice to Italy to Rimini in the period from 06.05.2016 to 05.06.2016. The practice will take place in Italian hotels: Hotel Due Mari, Hotel Continental E Dei Congressi, Golden Tulip Waldorf Hotel, Hotel le Meridien; Italian restaurants: Ristorante Zi Rosa, Ristorante Oberdan, Ristorante Pizzeria La Casa Colonica, Ristorante Il Casale; logistics companies: Vulpinari, Vici &C, Il Ghiottorso, Si Frutta; and companies of Information Technology trade: Computer Service Rimini, Spidernet Computer. Two teachers from school will accompany students. Their tasks will be to assure safety and assistance during the journey and at the place of practice. Moreover Sistema Turismo will assign a tutor to a group, who will not only support participants during the stay but also he will serve the assistance in case of necessity 24 hour a day. The Project corresponds to the needs of school with regard to the programme of practice for technical colleges’ students that guarantee the graduation of the IIIrd class. The mobility project realizes the foundations of the European Development Plan which includes: the need of breaking language barriers, adjustment of Polish educational demands to European standards, development of transversal skills and using the Information and Communication Technologies. The implementation of the Project allows school to adjust to the European labour market’s demands and aims at: planned European development, raising students’ motivation to learn foreign languages and the right use of new ICT technologies during the educational process. From the students and school’s point of view Project implementation is a chance for breaking cultural and language barriers, a chance for gaining new, practical experience, developing creativity, regularity, independence and responsibility, openness and tolerance which can be helpful in performing the exact profession abroad and a chance to learn how to cope with unusual situations. The most relevant aims and results of the Project include: increasing the mobility, enhancement of teaching quality, raising the motivation to learn foreign languages, introduction of new technologies, development of creativity, independence and responsibility, shaping core, personal and social competences. Moreover the Project predicts also developing students’ business abilities through acquired knowledge of Italian companies and appropriate preparation for performing the exact profession by the flexible in the European labour market student. The stay and series of preparation activities enables students the practice of language skills, especially vocational English, acquisition of the basis of Italian language and Italian culture and knowledge of living and working conditions of inhabitants of other UE country. Furthermore the participation in the Project will contribute to better results of professional qualifying exam, when students are demanded to have theoretical and practical knowledge, to know foreign language and finally it will raise school’s attractiveness and competitiveness in the regional, national and international labour market. Students’ mobility is not only the realization of professional practice, but also a great lesson of practical language use. It is also a kind of promotion for staszowski district, świętokrzyskie voivodeship and Poland in Italian Rimini. It is also a chance to encourage Europeans to visit świętokrzyskie voivodeship which is an attractive region for sightseeing, recreation and health resorts.



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