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Mobilni spedytorzy - zagraniczna praktyka cennym doświadczeniem i szansą na sukces zawodowy
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In the project "Mobile freight forwardes - foreign practice is valuable expreince and a chance to professional success" will be participate 10 students of class II from Niepubliczne Technikum Zawodowe in Włoszczowa Zakład Doskonalenia Zawodowego in Kielce. Students study in the profession of the freight forwarder. The participants will be students chosen selection method and meet criteria set out in the project. The internship will promote equal educational opportunities for young people from rural areas. The internship meets the needs of the educational and personal our students.The project has been planned as a realization of professional practice for students. The duration of the project and training program has been optimally matched to the participants, taking into account the Polish educational system in the profession of the freight forwarder: no 333108/07.02.2012. The training program of the project takes into account the requirements and expectations of employers because it was developed with the participation of employers in the transport industry.This project is a response to modern challenges and develop the transport industry. Its purpose is to acquire experience in the environment of European companies, culturally and linguistically different reality The project will contribute to activity, entrepreneurship and mobility of students to equip them with the knowledge and practical skills. The students will be more competitive on the local labor market and the global labor market. In the project, except for work, there are provided language and cultural classes at school parent and in a partner in Spain. It will allow young people to enrich their language skills, particularly vocabulary and improve professional and communication skills, which will have a positive impact on reducing fear of trips in search of work and increase mobility. The learning outcomes are confirmed by several documents: the certificate of Europass Mobility, the certificate of do internship issued by the host institution, the certificate of finish of language and cultural preparation issued by the school. Obtaining the certificate about finishing the internship will be also an essential condition of getting the promotion to the third class of the Technical School.Planned date: 21.02.2016 - 19.03.2016Place: Valencia, Spain. Host organization: "Europe: Movilidad Estudiantil" in Pedreguer. The organization protects the proper implementation of internship (place, substantive supervision, accommodation, catering, transport, Spanish language course and cultural Spanish classes, leisure, monitoring, certification and validation), as well as the sending institution.Expected results:1. Getting the Europass Mobility Document.2. Assessment of professional practice which is one of the conditions for promotion to the third class of Technical School.Expected soft results:1. Acquisition of professional experience - competences and professional skills indefinied in the program of the internship .2. Increase in mobility of seniority and increase their chances of local, national and European labor market.3. Fostering openness, tolerance, cooperation, functioning in a group.4. Improve the quality and attractiveness of vocational education in Technical School (promotional activities).5. Getting experience in designing and organizing internships and cooperation with partners.


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