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Mobility Through Nature
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Malta is an important place for birds because it lies on the migration route between Europe and Africa used by millions of birds each spring. This project will therefore protect birds from persecution through undertaking surveillance and monitoring of bird migration and illegal hunting. The project will also focus on rehabilitating injured birds so they can be released back to the natural world. Inspiring and reaching out to Maltese and tourists is important and the project will include educational and campaigning work. The overall objective of the project is to help make Malta a safe haven for birds and inspire more people to take action to protect the natural environment of the Maltese islands. This two year project will include a total of 23 participants who will be involved in monitoring and surveillance of bird migration and hunting, developing communications and campaigns to involve more people in protecting birds and delivering educational events for children and adults to inspire them about the natural world. A new bird rehabilitation centre is being established in 2015 and there will be some work in caring for injured birds for participants willing to do so. As with all projects, there will be office work linked to the project, but it also includes practical work on nature reserves to ensure they remain a haven for nature. This project is designed to help BirdLife Malta to highlight the problems caused by persecution of birds in the Maltese islands at all levels, from the European Commission to those who are persecuting birds, ensure there are safe havens in nature reserves where birds and people can interact, educate children and the wider public about nature and the environment and ensure some birds that are injured can be returned to nature.



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