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Mobility Optimization: Permits for Emissions from Driving (MOPED)
Date du début: 28 mars 2013, Date de fin: 27 mars 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Road congestion and emissions are seen as having increasing negative impacts on travelers, environment and economy as a whole. All the evidence suggests that the current trends are not sustainable without effective management of travel demand, and the world will have to confront a series of traffic congestion and air pollution problems caused principally by the unrestricted use of private cars. This proposal will focus on urban travel demand management and propose strategies of managing transport network mobility and reducing congestion and emissions with tradable permits. Firstly, methodological developments focus on transport network equilibrium analysis, traffic bottleneck analysis, greenhouse gas emissions evaluation, traffic flow modelling and algorithms design, and tradable permits market equilibrium will be studied; Secondly, social and spatial equities in the multiple user-classes (with different values of time) network models with tradable permits schemes are further discussed; Finally, a sustainable transport system with tradable permits will be designed and case studies will be implemented in typical cities in EU and other countries with the supports of transport management departments of local government, therefore, innovative and interoperable information and communication technologies based services for smart mobility will be brought, which will also bring low carbon futures by improving the efficiency of vehicle using. This proposal will bring many open and potential value avenues of further studies, and create long term collaborations and mutually beneficial cooperation between Europe and the other countries with existed relationships. The requirements of innovative information and communication technologies will also bring potential public private partnerships in support of industrial competitiveness, and provide a sustainable transport development patterns respond the needs of citizens and support transport policy development."