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Mobility Opportunities for a better Vision of Europe
Date du début: 2 mai 2016, Date de fin: 1 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Mobility for a better Vision of Europe" (MOVE) coordinated by the Groupe d'Appui et de Solidarité, sending organisation, includes 3 different mobilities, 2 with the Portuguese partner Aventura Marão Clube and the third one with OpportUNITY, the English partner. For each activity, we will send a group of 6 young participants for a short-term EVS (2 weeks).The objectives of this project are :- to give the chance to French young people with fewer opportunities to live a civic engagement through a community service,- to acquire and to strengthen knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for a better civic, social and professional inclusion,- to gain more independence and responsibility- to develop cultural knowledge and intercultural skills and to be aware of other realities and ways of living thanks to exchanges with other peopleThe activities revolve around 2 main lines:- To improve the social and professional inclusion through the participation and realization of activities inside local social organisations of Amarante in Portugal for the first group. The volunteers of the second group will have the possibility to discover local initiatives which are promoting an innovative and sustainable way of living and will participate in the local organic market that is organized by the hosting organization.- To discover and to make discover the New Information and Communication Technologies via the use of photography during the different activities with the local youth.Through the EVS, we wish to give a new dimension to the social and solidarity actions lead by our organisation in France and more precisely in Picardie Region. In fact, allowing our regional young people to live such a civic and intercultural experience, we would like to promote their commitment within organisations invested in regional community service projects.The mobility and the civic engagement have to be considered as tools of personal, social and professional development which fall within a perspective of global inclusion here and elsewhere.



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