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Mobility, Motion, Movie
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Mobility, Motion, Movie" project is a youth exchange , Youth mobility: mobility of individuals for education and training from Erasmus + program. This exchange will take place in Montendre in Charente-Maritime, from 14th to 25th September 2015, at "la maison des bateleurs", volunteer hosting organisation Solidarités Jeunesses Poitou-Charentes. This project is intended to young people, over 18 years old from European countries program partners. It is the realization of a video as a communication tool for the promotion of volunteering and more generally, of the various devices offered by the Erasmus + program. For the project, the number of participants is 25, 5 participants from 4 partner countries (4 and 1 leadership) and the volunteer, the project coordinator and three professional speakers. Through this exchange and the various activities we are targeting several objectives. On one hand, this project aims to facilitate the meeting of young people from different cultures and socio-professional backgrounds and especially to allow the intercultural meeting. This youth exchange will aim to transform a cultural difference, often seen as a barrier to communication and understanding, as a source of mutual enrichment. The workshops of theatrical expressions allow them to develop oral and body expression. The producing of the video will acquire knowledge about and exchange on the fitting of a video process. Finally, we will exchange about European and international mobility, different forms of volunteering, Europe and European citizenship. It will also address the various devices proposed by the Erasmus + program. The activities will consist in: - Welcome participants and introduce them to the place of the progress of the project. - Present the youth exchange program, the global organization, and expectations of each participant to allow the group to take ownership of the project objectives and create the link between the participants - Work together in a theatrical expression, control of his body and his language, express yourselves - create collectively a video, from testimonies, interviews and skits - Discuss the overall design of the video tool, assign tasks, be agree all together, make collective decisions, converse and delegate - Share, learn and transmit on the tools and techniques around the video (shooting, directing, editing ...) - Learning to live together for the sake of mutual respect and in a spirit of solidarity - Make the participants accountable for the distribution and promotion of the video and their experience. - Allow regular evaluation time in order to give young people the opportunity to express their feelings, expectations and be heard based on criteria and predefined indicators. All project activities, from learning workshops and theatrical expression to video editing, the various intercultural evenings and planned exits will all thoughts in a popular education approach and approached by active teaching methods. The above described activities are created with a non-formal education in mind, allowing each person to actively participate and express themselves. Participants in the heart of this exchange will therefore be fully involved in the project. This youth exchange is expected to bring positive and lasting impact to participants and partner organizations. Achieving this video aims to inform the general public about the concept of interculturalism and especially promote the various forms of volunteering, the opportunities offered by Erasmus programs + and the benefits of a lived experience of mobility.



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