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Mobility in Automotive Sector through ECVET

Automotive is a key sector in the European economy and labour market. Competition in this sector is global and continuous technical/human innovation is a must. Skills of the workforce in this sector have to be continuously updated and cross border acquisition of skilled employees is reality. Regarding both, the labour market as well as the competitiveness of European automotive sector, comparability of qualifications and mobility of workers - across Europe - is required. ECVET is a useful instrument for facilitating transparency, transfer and recognition of skills across sectors and levels within countries and across European VET systems. The 24 month project M.A.S. ECVET aims to support the implementation of ECVET in the automotive sector and to promote transfer of occupational-professional qualifications and mobility of learners and workers. The project is based on the project "Highlighting the Competences-HtC", that was awarded by the EC for having implemented - for the first time in Europe - the ECVET process in all its dimensions and steps. The project will transfer this method from the service sector to the automotive sector and to new countries like Turkey and Germany as well as within Italy. During a process of piloting and simulation the ECVET implementation model will be combined with the EQF and adapted to specific demands of the new sector and geography, taking also into account the situation in the different VET/qualifications systems. "M.A.S. ECVET" consortium is formed of multi-actor partnership, involving social partners (trade union and employers association), education/training institutions. The promoter, management coordinator and core partner are the significant stakeholders for the metal sector in Turkey: MEV, MESS and Turk-Metal. 6 partners from 3 countries (Turkey, Germany, Italy) involved in the partnership. The involvement of all key actors - among them institutional authorities and the final beneficiaries (end users, workers, learners) - in the project's activities is not only crucial for the success of the implementation of the ECVET process, but ensures impact beyond the lifetime of the project.


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