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Mobility (+) II
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Agency for Local Development and Employment of the municipality of Cartagena, in their interest to further promote quality vocational training bet again by + Erasmus program. Aimed to give added value to the training, we would like to supplement the training programs with the completion of internships abroad. The beneficiaries of the mobility program are: 1.- Students of the MIXED PROGRAM FOR EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING, aimed at unemployed with the specialties: - Geriatric care for dependents in Social Institutions / Minimum educational requirement: ESO - Administrative Management Activities/ Minimum educational Access requirement: ESO - Operations of plumbing, heating and air conditioning / Minimum educational requirement: Graduate School. 2.-Students of the courses promoted by the REGIONAL SERVICE OF EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING (SEF) OF THE MINISTRY OF EDUCATION TRAINING AND EMPLOYMENT IN THE REGION OF MURCIA. -Operations of installation of electrical networks - Operations of plumbing, heating and air conditioning The mobilities planned are as follows: a -. NEWLY GRADUATES Mobility for placements. The country of destination is Portugal and the length of stay is two months. b -. PERSONAL mobility for training purposes. The country of destination is Germany and duration of the mobility is five days. The expected results of the project are: 1 - For the APPLICANT. ALDE City of Cartagena. -Meet new methodologies applied in the context of educational training. - Meet new work management techniques that may be useful for technical training and employment and improve the care and service to the unemployed citizen. 2.- For the NEWLY GRADUATES: - To provide the skills and core competencies required for the transition from education and training to the European labor market. - Improve language learning and intercultural awareness level of participants. To acquire practical skills, skill development tasks associated with developing their professional skills and soft skills, transversal (ability to adapt to different cultures, autonomy, responsibility, positive attitude, etc..). 3.- For PERSONAL: - Updated / acquisition of knowledge through the development of training experiences in other EU countries. - Development of new management techniques and work programs for employment. The IMPACT expected with the development of the program is: Undoubtedly mobilitIies contribute to the personal development of the NEWLY GRADUATES. This way, they will be able to develop competencies and skills increasingly highly valued in the labor market. In reference to the expected impact of mobility STAF , we can say that it will be measured based on two kind of factors: subjective (rating of the experiencie based in a personnel view) and objective (practical application in the performance of the work of formation or in the management of innovative methodologies and improving their technical qualifications ) IMPACT ON THE PROMOTER / ALDE : our extensive experience in developing ALDE Mobility Projects , are a reflection of the integration that such actions recorded at the institutional level. In addition, it is expected that the staff mobility will have a direct impact on improving the quality of the training (new teaching methods and exchange of best practices), and in the employment and training technicians that will be able to learn new management techniques for work.



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