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Mobility for success/Мобилност за успех
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Mobility for success" is a partnership initiatibe among 4 NGO activ in youth issues in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Mazedonia. Its core are 2 youth mobilities in Bulgaria and Hungary for 89 young people -aged 18-29 and 18 group leadesr *NGO experts. In addition the project foresees preparation, management, cost benefit analyses and information campaign. The project encourages the young participants to develop key competencies useful and transferable into all spheres of their social life and labour activity and will make them part of the issues and local communities activities and EU. The project is the foundation for the development of previous common initiatives in the benefit of youth and NGOs working with youth which will improve the partners’ capacities to add to realization of national and EU priorities for informed, educated and competitive youth. Specifically via modern approaches for informal learning will acquire and update their competencies in the fields of EU citizenship and equal rights, youth entrepreneurship, and the youth role in the implementation of important ecological, social and economical initiative, identification and active interaction with interested parties /municipalities, mayors, other NGOs and institutions/ for solving the issues related to youth unemployment, restricted access to lifelong learning, forms, sources and benefits of the informal education and learning. In a pleasant atmosphere with the help of experienced trainers in informal situation the participants will learn about the local biodiversity, to learn new techniques for healthy life, and get familiar with their cultures /traditions, habits, fests and food/ to create useful friendships and contacts for sustainable project effects. Brainstorming and working with cases, learning while do it approach will encourage the young people to develop key and transferable in private and professional aspect competences, and their meetings and conversations with the interested parties will provide them with invaluable feedback and real opportunity to share the projects and activities developed by them in real situations. Thus the participants will feel in practice the effect from their work, will be stimulated to create and participate in initiatives for improving of the life of the local communities with youth more active participation. They will acquire important practical skills to systemize and resume information, to look for partners and to participate in their future creation. The active information campaign, the forums and the forms for validating the knowledge will encourage the participants to look for forms for following learning via the current on-line tools as well as to use the social networks for entertainment but for promotion and partners ‘search instrument. The expectations of the participants for informal learning and effective dialogue with the interested parties will also be positively changed. The active information campaign, the forms and forums for validating the skills acquired will encourage the partcicpants to seek for further informal education. The attitudes of all participants will be positively changed. The prject implementation includes: management, info campaign, 2 kinda of youth mobility - in BG and Hungary according to 2 variants of schedules. Effective managemnt and control system is foreseen, and the partners have the expertise and infrastructure to achieve the project results. The project supports the realization of national and EU priorities for lifelong learning, equal rights and active and competitive youth as aimed in the ERAZMUS+ programme, the EUROPA 2020 strategy, the Lisbon treaty and crossectoral programmes and initiatives such as CALYPSO, COSME and etc. and improves the capacity of the NGOs ector in the EU and the preaccession countries to implement more and improved projects with and for youth. The partners webpages as well as those of their network will ensure mor than 225 000 on-line visitors, and the local public bodies trust and the active information cam,paign will guarantee for vast public echo from the project activitiesq the benefits and results from the project implementation.



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