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Mobility Coach
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“MobiCoach“ aims at enhancing the quality and quantity of mobility of our learners in Europe. We would like to improve the international vocational competence of both – learners (IVT and dual system) and teachers. Due to the installation of so-called “European Classes” in our IT and Design departments we integrate work placements abroad within the curricula of these IVT full time training courses. Subsequently we offer unique educational opportunities at our vocational college und strengthen our profil in StädteRegion Aachen. The project is subdivided in three phases: during phase one we intensify the contact to our partner organisations. Ideally we can organize two responsible teachers for each partner organization who travel into the countries to develop the contacts. We plan a length of four days for these mobility. Participating teachers heighten their knowledge about Initial Vocational Training, training courses, qualifications and curricular. In cooperation with their partners abroad they develop the Memorandum of understanding which serves as a basis for learning agreements. This process includes a comparison to our curricular with their learning objectives and competences. Thus we enhance the quality of work and learning phases and develop strong cooperating partnerships. The involved staffs increase the international vocational competence (language, intercultural competence) as well as organisational skills and qualify therefore as “MobiCoaches”. Phase two concentrates on organising and carrying out the placements. The target groups are (in % the percentage of all applied mobilities): 1. Learners IVT in a school-based internship with a duration of 21+2 = 23 days (33%) 2. Learners IVT in a school-based internship with a duration of 60+2 = 62 days (23%) 3. Lerners (dual system) in a work placement in a company with a duration of 14+2 = 16 days (6%) 4. teachers mobilities with a duration of 2+2 = 4 days (38%) For the IVT "european classes" in ICT and Graphic Design the mobility will take place in their second year. We are planning three weeks. “MobiCoaches” support learners to organize the working / learning period abroad beforehand and to stimulate learning agreements on the basis of the Memorandum of understanding. They accompany learners and take part at subject-matter specific classes of the partner institution (Job Shadowing) and/or visit the companies of their learners. They get to know teaching methods and participate actively in the didactic process. Learning agreements can be supervised and learners are supported to start their work / learning experience to enhance their international vocational compentence. Phase three includes comprehensive presentations (testimonials, videos) of the placement experiences and publishing the results. We plan to present to staffs, learners and, very important, to the chambers of commerce and craft as the representatives of employers. Here we advertise for placements abroad to enhance the acceptance. Subsequently we will increase the number of learners and trainees (dual system) participating in “MobiCoach”. Moreover we will evaluate the placement experiences and assess the fulfilment of learning agreements to find out the need for development. The results of the evaluation serve as a basis for developing the Memorandum of understanding and future learning agreements.



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