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Mobilities as Incentives to Train Abroad for Professionals
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MITTApro project description MITTApro is a mobility project for the staff members of IUKKY which is an abbreviation for Itä-Uudenmaan koulutuskuntayhtymä = Intermunicipal federation for education in Itä-Uusimaa. IUKKY’s main organizations are Porvoo Vocational College – Amisto for youth VET and EDUPOLI for adult VET. The purpose of MITTApro is to support staff mobilities to IUKKY’s European partners. The aim of the project is to encourage and support the development of staff members’ skills in many areas. IUKKY’s representatives will negotiate the programme for eache visit together with the partner organizations so that the visits will serve to enhance personnel’s language, leadership, management, internatioanality, multiculturalism, paedogogical and teaching skills. The aim on the organization level is to strengthen IUKKY and partners’ cooperation. IUKKY is part of various European networks. One purpose of the project is to strengthen and support IUKKY’s networking. The whole organization from vocational and core skills teachers to student support services and management are the projects intended mobility beneficiaries. One aim of the project is to ensure that IUKKY stays in the forefront on European cooperation even in the times when funding for VET is being reduced.



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