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Mobilities as Incentives To Train Abroad (2)
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Edumittais a mobility project for the Itä-Uusimaa Intermunicipal Federation for education for the years 2016-2018. Together with the Mitta+ mobility project for the years 2015-2017 it supports the internationalization actions in the both schools -Edupoli and Amisto - of the Federation. The development strategies of the Federation, Edupoli and Amisto prioritize internationalisation. Edumitta (together with Mitta+) is aiming at providing recources for international mobility and practise till 2018. The common general aim of the project is improved teaching quality, new learning paths for students, better language skills and employability.Edumitta applies for 26 staff training mobilities for teachers, middle management, principals and the staff of the apprentisheship office. The aim of the training is up-dating of the professional skills and knowledge, new teaching methods and contents, strategies up-dating and systems development, language skills and international competence improvement . The staff training actions are study visits to educational institutions and work places, job shadowings and longer on the job periods.Student mobilities applied are 45. Together with Mitta+ mobilities this enables our students international practise till 2018. Edumitta is coordinated and managed in close cooperation of Edupoli and Amisto. The projects' furhering and actions are followed in the common project pages of the intranet of the Intermunicipal federation for education. The European mobility tools, ECVET, mobility passport and Eu cv are used in the project documentation,assessment and reporting. The competencies gained during the international practise will be recognised and validated.All the project activities will be carried out with high quality following the European quality demands and best practise gained in the previous projects. The project result will be an international, competent, motivated staff; new teaching methods, new development ideas and networks. As a result of students' international practise we will have internationally competent experts for the needs of the working life. The project will raise the international image and competence of the Intermunicipal Federation for Education, which is attractive to both business partners and students. Long term impact of project will be a settled network of partners for development, best practise sharing and international studying for a common benefit and fun .



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