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Mobilitet Nordland
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is a joint initiative (consortium) with the following members from the region of Nordland: - The Regional Department of Education (including 16 schools, age group 16+) - The Regional Chamber of Commerce (NHO-Nordland) - The Regional Association of Trade Unions (LO-Nordland) - Training offices for apprentices. The context is a partnership of interest groups (see above) who has a joint interest in improving regional low scores within vocational education on national surveys. The partners are from 9 different countries, representing a mix of training offices, schools and companies. . The project's main objects are to: - prevent drop-out. - experience and learn about approaches to promoting high-quality vocational education, evaluating and validation regimes within vocational education and training (ex ECVET). - quality improvement in educational institutions (schools and companies). - give young workers experience with a multi-cultural workforce and challenges that goes with it. These objectives are closely linked to aims in various strategic plans and white papers decided by regional policial bodies and decision-makers. The project caters for long-term learner mobilities (apprentices) and short-term staff mobilities. The results of these mobilities should be traceable on an individual - as well as on a corporate level. The consortium's aim is, in addition to the above mentioned goals, to start a process where the different members can see an institutional print in strategic documents by the end of the project period.



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