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Mobiliteit in leren
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Given the location of ROC Arcus College internationalisation is explicitly part of the objectives of the education program and the strategic policy. We attach importance to foreign experience of students: they get in contact with other languages, habits, cultures and customs. Nowadays students get more and more confronted with a boundless labour market which he/she should behave as a European citizen. Projects and mobility in learning is encouraged, especially within the framework of Focus op vakmanschap. Students and teachers/staff broaden their horizon and ideas within their craftsmanship. STAFF MOBILITY Project 1: Peer review: a bridge to professionalization A Uniform way of review for the whole ROC is that peer review is not part of our work. Yet it is the best way to learn from each other, critical to each other and to keep training vivid. 12 teachers/educational managers of training HZW, MMZ and OA want to be responsible for review of competencies of the English Institute and implement in own curricula of the various training programs. This knowledge is passed on to colleagues by not participating departments so that there is uniformity in the way of testing. Project 2: Media abroad A young, new and enthusiastic team Media Design training as a team to make their programs more attractive. By going in the same direction as a team one can support and complement each other if necessary. 7 teachers (complete team and manager) want to gather knowledge and experience and learning from success experiences in teachingmethods from colleagues abroad and implement this in curricula. By being trained as a team they hope to avoid discussions about what to include, exclude or change in our curricula. Our professional vocabulary of English will be on a higher level. Project 3: Childcare and primary education in one The merger of child care and Netherlands State primary education is still in its infancy. Arcuscollege anticipates to merge the education of OA and PW. Surrounding countries have longer experience in training and practice. 12 teachers of both programs are introduced to different workplaces where proposed cooperation already taking place. Goal is to gain experience by working in practice and practical interpretation investigations (guidance, joint teaching methods and handling of internships). They shall exchange knowledge/experience with Danish colleagues and build lasting contacts with Exchange programs. Implementation in curricula of training courses aimed and optimising cooperation. In contact with the field of action knowledge and experience is shared with professionals. Success experiences are on joint study days deepened so that they can implement the practice in their work. Project 4: Healthcare Abroad The school in Lahti has a special, proven successful way of teaching in theory and practice. The guidance in practice change accordingly and is special. One collegue already has gained experience in Lahti. Now 3 teachers from the education VP/VZ-IG take part in theory (job shadowing) practice and guidance of students experience. That experience and knowledge they work on a change proposal on curricula. The educational manager looks for answers around early school leaving, internship policies (deficits), quality assurance regarding student satisfaction and BPV-rating, and the issue labour market versus training. Project 5: Alternatieve vormen van Kinderopvang In Berlin is childcare in regulation, building, pedagogical approach and parental participation filled in total different way like in the Netherlands. 6 teachers want to gain experience in a variety of chlidcareplaces. Also the internship supervision and tasks are examined. They thus strengthen own competencies and substantive quality of lessons: students getting a wide range of childapproaches, childdevelopment and buildingstructure. LEARNERS MOBILITY Project 6: Explore work abroad as a group Although increasing the studentsenthusiasm for internship abroad , we also notice hesitation by the students. The shortage of jobs in Euregion and the 'surplus' to places across the border was the reason for the proposal of this groupstage. Students and teachers are enthusiastic. They will be the next 2 years actively participate in the Open House school and informationevents. Project 7: Individual stages By internship abroad experienced they are in a different language, habits and customs working methods. Goal: stimulate and appeal them to choose, do and carrying out responsibility in work and private life.



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