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Mobilité transnationale de lycéens professionnels 9ème édition
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since 2007, vocational students from Management-Administration , electrotechnics , electronics and information technology realise a training-period in Italy, Germany and Romania . They operate professional skills in accordance with the framework and the evaluation grid (official document) and put into practice language abilities in English and Italian (which is the second language for the tertiary sections) and "know-how to be". For this project (9th edition) , we received 30 grants , for 24 learners and 6 teachers. We sent 34 students in 2 flows. 1st flow: Italy (Syracuse) from January 17th to February 7th 2015 : 9 students from last year Gestion-Administrative Germany (Duisburg) , from February 21st to March 14th 2015 : 4 students from the last year SEN (digital electronic systems ) Italy (Prato) : from February 22nd to March 14th 2015 :6 students from GA (management-administration) 2nd flow : Italy (Prato) from March 12th to April 2nd 2016 3 students ( and 3 students on the 10th edition) from GA (management- administration) Italy (Syracuse) from April 16th to May 6th 2016: 4 students (and 2 students on the 10th edition) from GA (management- administration) Romania from February 25th to March 18th 2016 : 8 students from ELEC (electrotecnics) In Italy ,in Germany and in Romania the participants have put into practice their professional skills in various business sectors: In Italy in accountancy firms and business consultancy : customer file supervision ( invoice entry , cash receipts ,payments ,VAT).The trainees had the opportunity to make a comparison of the tax system and VAT between France and Italy. In an international textile firm : management and follow of the textile quality ,comparison order forms/ delivery orders and prospecting . In hotel business : reception , booking, .. in house estate agency, management of the site , of bookings... In Romania , the students did their training period in international firms in pairs but on separate sections where they put into practice their professional skills such as electric wiring , failure detections... In Germany ,the trainees were received in school institutes , chamber of commerce and industry , firms in the field of computer maintenance and network facilities. We must add that these participants , for the vast majority, had never travelled because they come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Since the moment we committed ourselves to the international opening ( as well as for school exchanges - cultural and language - or mobilities ), at the beginning we often had to face the reluctance of the families in front of the participation of young girls , from North African origin , in particular . Due to our tenacity , argumentation and trust, we managed in sending young girls from immigrant families and with very positive results . From now on, the vast majority of our students are minors , not very autonomous and had a lot of fears about mobility. This experience has enriched them , has given them the desire to travel , to discover new cultures and improve the use of a foreign language . The participants are lodged in appartments or youth hostel , so they have learned to live together ( management of the group , conflicts, logistics...) This training period abroad allowed each participant to develop his/her autonomy , to open to another culture , to get confident and to put into practice his/her professional skills in a European country ( compare professional practices) and improve language skills in immersion . Most of them now feel themselves more capable of continuing studies in which the use of foreign languares are necessary ; from that time they consider mobility with more serenity.Their testimonies and answers to questionaires show that they lived an enriching personal experience that made them change and mature The oral exams ( CCF -Contrôle en cours de formation) in foreign languages let us show the progress as far as continuous speaking ability and interaction speaking are concerned , but also in written comprehension .Most of them have improved significantly their performances thanks to their stay abroad ; above all they became aware of the use of mastering a foreign language . The trainees were evaluated on the firm premises by their teachers ( a language-teacher associated to a professional teacher ) in cooperation with the tutors.



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