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Mobilité Picardie 2014
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Picardie region is one of the least favoured areas in France in terms of unemployment (with a rate of 12.6 %, third rank in France / 19.4 % among young people under 25, fourth rank in France). Our youth is known to be among the least ambitious in terms of education and career, while also greatly lacking mobility. The early school-leaving rate (the European goal for 2020 : 10 %) is among the highest in France (13.7 %, second rank in France) with nearly one in five youth (18.6 %) leaving school early in some parts of the region. This sad local assessment prompts us to come up with strong measures in order to stem this spiral of unemployment and early school leaving in our country . The MOPIC 14 Project form part of these measures. If we want our students have better employability, if we want they develop their propensity to mobility, if we want (educationnal academic aim) transnational labor mobility in education be a reality for the greater number of our young people, particularly those from the most disadvantaged socio-professional categories, a comprehensive academic project for professional mobility is required. MOPIC 14 project aims to achieve these objectives. It concerns, and this is an increase from the previous MOPIC 13 project, 18 schools of the academy and more than 200 students, students in professional sections, from any type of industrial specialties or services. Mobilities to the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany and Spain are planned with partners already known by all targeted institutions / schools with which exchanges are already a reality and quality of these exchanges is already proved. All students involved will live, through this project MOPIC 14, a period of training in company abroad, including work placements, host families, local transportation and cultural activities. A steering committee will be set up. It will include representatives from each schools involved in the project and representatives of GIP FORINVAL (applicant organization), "DAREIC" (international relationship dpt) and the school administration of the Academy of Amiens. This Steering Committee will design the main lines to follow in the purpose of carrying out this project, it will support each involved school. Each student, teacher, accounting manager, management staff member of the Steering Committee or GIP FORINVAL, Inspector, member of the DAREIC will be responsible, at its level, to communicate about the project and disseminate the results of this above. The impact of this project on the schools involved will be very important in terms of improving local and academic influence of these, as in terms of quantitative and qualitative orientation of young lower secondary schools students to these upper secondary schools. But the impact will be, above all, of particular importance to the students involved. Skills, whether linguistic, intercultural, interpersonal, social or professional will be expanded considerably. Their propensity to mobility will be as well and this will help to break down barriers to national or European job mobility, insuperable barriers for some. This improved propensity to mobility, combined with the increased competences/skills of the beneficiaries, will dramatically improve the ambition and the employability of the concerned students. Furthermore, it will contribute to reach the academic, national and European objectives in terms of employment-rate increase, improvement of the access rate to higher education, and reduction of the early school-leaving rate.



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