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Mobilité des Apprentis Éducation Nationale Vendée (saison 3)
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

European Mobility is part of our school project and we make every effort to register us in the long term : - Administrative and financial organization ; - Staff training ; - Expanding partnerships in Europe ; - Partnerships with business and professional sectors ; - Communication program... Students, teachers and learning master mobility’s allow an improvement in exam success and employability. We have an experience since September 2011 with five countries. Students can go in restaurant as a chef or waiter. Now, with this new Erasmus + project, we would like to add 2 new countries (Italy and Portugal) and a new professional sector : pharmacy, druggist. We would like to offer the chance at 50 apprentices, all adults, between October 2015 and May 2017, to practice three weeks in a foreign company for improving their knowledge (European and professional). Moreover, we also want to transfer skills and gain new skills. Also we want to increase the employability with : - increasing self confidence to apprentices ; - cultural and professional discovery ; - unique experience and adaptation ; - exceeding apprehension and confrontation’s on professional practices ; - increasing French culture and knowledge ; - motivate apprentice to work aboard. Our organization to succeed : We are the official partner. We select and manage apprentices. A teacher introduces the apprentice to the company then at the end of the stay, the teacher does an evaluation of the stay. To succeed we have a partnership (usually a hospitality school in the country) which helps us to identify host companies and provides relay in all the logistics during the stay. (Accommodation, catering...) The host company appoints a referent that integrates shape and evaluates the apprentice. After 4 years of experience we have: monitoring tools and contracting companies. Apprentices, companies, host partners and our organism sign a document before the missions. The host company provides activities related to the degree and manage the apprentice personally and professionally. To conclude, our project is a thoughtful and collaborative project that allows us to adapt to changing business and new teaching methods in a globalized economy. He brings a dynamic teaching team, also mobilizes apprentices who do not have the possibility to travel and expands our relationship with employers. We fully subscribe in a local, Regional and National environment. Communication on this project reinforces our image and adds value to our training offer.



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