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Mobilitățile transnaționale pentru învățare, cheia viitorului Europei bazat pe cunoaștere.
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Europe 2020, the initiative "Youth on the move" -establishes ambitious targets to increase the attractiveness and quality of education and training as an important contribution to the employability of young people. Many teachers are facing problems related to the development of tools for measuring unit learning outcomes and assessment in accordance with training standards (PPS), and the inability to use techniques and means of virtual learning. Another challenge in the current EFT is the transition from school to working life of VET graduates and their integration in a changing labor market. Under these conditions VET students need to gain experience by learning on the job training internships. The comparison of the evaluation systems based on expertise in Romania and Spain will provide an overview of concerning of these countries to put into practice the principles of the Copenhagen Declaration. The main objectives of the project: O1-improving skills of VET teachers on the use of open-source learning platform, learning outcomes assessment and certification of professional qualifications of the students / graduates of VET; O2 broader understanding of policies and systems of education and training in EU countries; O3-Increased capacity of VET teachers and students to trigger changes in the school, in terms of modernization and international openness; O4 greater understanding and responsiveness to the diverse social, linguistic and cultural pupils / teachers in VET; O5-development skills to use foreign languages and motivation increase in daily activity for students / teachers in VET in order to increase confidence and self-esteem and improving employability and professional career development; O6-operation Valuing learning outcomes and teacher / student mobility VET participants through recognition, validation and dissemination. The project addresses students and teachers in VET 6 teachers will participate in direct observation by jobshadowing, how it is implemented and carried MOODLE platform, MOOC courses within a prestigious school, taught in English, in Valencia, and will benefit from the transfer of best practices and advice in this area; 28 students, XIth grade, will participate in training sessions in two streams-placement practice to economic operators to improve professional competences (14 pupils, economic field, qualification "Technician in economic activities", accompanied by two teachers, in November 2015- and 14 students, the qualification "Hotel Technician", accompanied by two teachers, in April 2016. MEP Europrojects Granada Spain will facilitate such stages in two prestigious units in the hotel field - Hotel Corona de Granada Hotel Alixares and ) for 14 days / stream. Expected results: 7 VET teachers will improve following knowledge, skills, attitudes: innovative methods and practices in the field of eLearning, learning platforms (MOODLE, MOOC); definition of courses tailored to the needs of learners; evaluation and certification of professional qualifications for VET graduates; communication skills in English, active European citizenship; teamwork skills and interpersonal; desire to participate in mobility programs and to strengthen cooperation between the world of education and the world of work. 28 students participated in training practice will realize that training is training the staff in relation to the standards of training and will be motivated to recover gaps, in order to increase self confidence; develop their communication skills in English, social skills, teamwork skills and interpersonal, will anchor in the current European reality eliminating the feeling of social exclusion. The experience will give them an advantage in order to continue their studies at prestigious universities in the country or to obtain scholarships to study abroad, success at job interviews and a better transition from school to working life. Other expected outcomes rather wide impact: MOODLE implementation and realization of 10 courses Mooc to stimulate students' scientific fields (motivation is low at this time) and training for a period of three years for all school teachers who will use these tools to increasing the attractiveness of discipline they teach; portfolio of resources that can be valued both at school and in the local community of students and teachers in VET.



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