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Mobilitati pentru Educatie - Competente - Vocatie - Experienta -Transeuropeana
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project entitled " Mobility for Education - Competencies - Vocation - Transeuropean Experience "addresses to a total number of 61 students from Technical College( Colegiul Tehnic) who are in initial vocational training,studying both at high school and at professional school ,with the following qualifications:operator technician for computers (XI grade),electrical technician,(XII grade ),car mechanic,welder,precision engineering mechanics mechanic ,builder electrician, and low voltage operation electrician.The project will have a duration of 2 years and 24 months.The partnership will consist of Technical College,the sending organization,Bios Technology Solution, OFISUR,PC -ON, Kousious Electrical Ltd Charalambos Michael Steel Works, Marios Petinos Constructions, Garage Auto Clinic Ltd as host organizations and OPEI Europroyectos as intermediary organizations. The project addresses the following needs:-at students level, on professional and personal level:the need to apply theoretical knowledge into practice;an easier transition to the working place;understanding some of the technologies;knowledge of other cultural environments,personal development and recognition of skills- at school level:the poor endowment of laboratories and workshops:Electrical Drives and Automation,Electrotechnics,Car Mechanics and the lack of a welding workshop,workshops where the students from the target group learn the studied subjects,are those that involve the skills that will be acquired by the participants;the increase of the prestige of the school , making students chose technical education in the years to come,reducing school leaving- at the community level:the need for qualified people and reducing unemployment .Overall objective:helping students to acquire learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and competencies ) to improve their personal development ,their involvement as active and responsible citizens in society and the opportunities to be employed on the European labour market and outside it ;Specific objectives:Students able to:a. realise practical exp. in diagnose an repairing cars, repairing and mantenance for office equipment,repairing and mantenance of computers, realising electrical instalations from fotovoltaic panels,realising welding joint MIG/MAG, comunicate in english, team work.Mobilities will take place in five flows : -1st flow -7 students 17 students from operator technician for computers domain( XI grade),level 4 of qualification and a teacher Spain, Granada BIOS Technology Solutions SL ,6 to 24 March 2017 ; -2nd flow-7 students from Precision engineering domain ( XI grade),level 3 of qualification and one teacher in Spain,Cordoba, the Ofisur and PC -ON ,20 March to 7 April 2017 ;- the3rd flow- 8 students from car mechanics domain ( XI grade), level 1 of qualification and a teacher at Cyprus Auto Clinic Garage Ltd,8 to 26 May 2017 . -the 4th flow -10 students from operator technician for computers domain ( XI grade),level 4 of qualification and one teacher in Spain,Granada BIOS Technology Solutions SL, 02-21 VII 2018; -the 5th flow -7 students from the electrical technician domain, ( grade XII) ,level 4 of qualification and one teacher,P Kousious Electrical LtD in Papfos P Kousious,Cyprus ,05-23 III 2018 - the 6th flow - 6 students from the car mechanics domain (grade XI ) ,level 3 of qualification will perform the mobility at Auto Clinic Garage Ltd , 6 students from the welding domanin ,level of qualification 3,professional school at to Charalambos Michael Steel Works,5 students from the building electrician domain professional school,level 3 of qualification at Marios Petinos Constructions & Developers LTD,five students from low voltage operation electrician domain at P Kousious Electrical Ltd ,Paphos, Cyprus,and three teachers, 7-25 V 2018 .The results of the project are:At the participants level:- 17 students students from operator technician for computers domain and 10 students from electric installation technician domain with competences in the electronic,automation and electric domain - 14 students from the car mechanic,6 students from mechanic precision mechanics domain- 6 students from welding domain with competences in the mechanics domain - 5 students from electrician builder domain and and five from low voltage electric domain with competences in the electric field - A panel with all the activities of the project - A DVD with all the stages and activities of the project - 61Europass Portfolios (CV,Learning Agreement,Europass Mobility ) -61 Final reports - at school level : a better recognition of school - At the level of the project team : improving the project management skills and the strategies of internationalizationThe validation of the project will be made through Europass Mobility certificate and Memorandum of Understanding.



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