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Mobilität von Auszubildenden und Lehrern als Grundlage zur Vorbereitung auf die Anforderungen des europäischen Arbeitsmarktes
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is aimed at 38 students of the social and health care department, 10 apprentices of the technical department and 6 teachers. As part of their training, students of the social and health care department will complete a four - week internship in a European partner country. The internship will take place either in the field of early childhood education or medical , school / vocational and social rehabilitation of people with disabilities. The project focuses on the aspect of inclusion, the equal participation of people in all areas of life. The state of Brandenburg has decided to implement the UN Disability Rights Convention in the field of education for the priorities learning and social and emotional development in medium term . This requires on the one hand , structural changes , on the other hand also the profile of the professions will thus expand . The participants from the industrial and technical fields are in dual vocational training. As part of their training, they will work together with students of the partner institution in a 3-week project. The modern business world increasingly calls for individual flexibility and mobility, which also includes the willingness to occupations abroad. By participating in mobility, the trainees are given the opportunity to gain professional experience in other countries. They can also compare the vocational training systems in other countries with their own experiences. The contact with students and instructors in the partner schools, both during the project phases as well as field trips and joint activities, increases the acceptance of other cultures and strengthen the European idea. The 6 participating teachers of the OSZ will discuss teaching and learning with colleagues from the partner institutions and gain insight into the education systems of partner countries. This knowledge is used to develop the European dimension of the OSC. Interested students with good English skills are given the opportunity in the school years 2015 - 2017 to participate in this work placement . After selecting a relatively independent preparation of the participants is expected for their stay abroad . For this preparation materials have been developed by the partners in a pilot project . The level of preparation is accompanied by the International Coordinator of the sending organization in contact hours. In addition to the increase in professional technical, social , personal and intercultural competences we expect the participants to develop a critical view on the situation in their home country and contribute to the development of new ideas in their home facilities . In the long run structural changes could be the effect in the facilities .



15 Participants partenaires