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Mobilità transnazionale per il settore del TErmale e del BEnessere
Date du début: 1 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND OF THE PROJECT. Italy is the European country with the largest number of spas thanks to its unique geology volcanic phenomena. In fact the spa and wellness tourism in Italy host 4.2% of tourists in hotels or other types of accommodation, that means 15 million people every year. If we analyze the human capital skill in the sector, we understand that the demand for the professions, as restaurant and bar service but also staff in marketing and fitness, increased. These companies need to be equipped by the staff with different level of skill and competences to be able to meet the challenges presented by the market and to take advantage of the opportunities to grow . The project TE.BE. intends to respond to this need, by offering an opportunity to the students and graduates of Lazio, Tuscany, Lombardy, Puglia, Veneto and Piedmont region to obtain an educational and professional experience in foreign companies that operate in the tourism sector of spa and wellness in the following areas :- Tourist services: specific skill in restaurant, bar, kitchen and technical services for accommodation;- Marketing and communication: tourism marketing and communication skill - Health and fitness: spa and wellness skill;- Management and administration: management and administration skill .OBJECTIVES. The participants involved will be able to carry out a training and professionalizing experience in international environments, which will enable them to equip themselves with a mix of interdisciplinary and interconnected skill. The project also intends to use the methods and tools for skill and credits recognition through the use of Unit of learning to be capitalized and converted into the school and / or training credits by measuring, recognizing, validating the LO through linear and transparent procedures according the indications of the ECVET.NUMBER AND PROFILE OF PARTICIPANTS80 STUDENTS. BACKGROUND. Young 16/19 years attending the 4th year of Secondary School from the regions that will participate in the project. 20 GRADUATES/NEW QUALIFIED. Young people who have obtained a qualification or diploma within last 12 months and is connected with the sector of tourism and wellness.The project will also give the opportunity of participation to disadvantaged persons.ACTIVITIES. Project activities are following:- Project management (divided into 4 main documents, which contain 4 main aspects of correct project management: Coordination and Control Plan, Plan for Learning and Evaluation, Plan of Management of the Communication, Dissemination and Valorization)- Preparing for the internship (linguistic, technical, educational, cultural, digital preparation)- Identification and activation of interns (following the selection of participants, the MATCHING of the candidate-company will be held in collaboration with foreign parties who will evaluate the profiles according to the availability of the enterprises)- Accompanying of the participants under 18 years and disadvantaged persons (mainly by professors of the institutes involved) adequately prepared.- Monitoring during and ex post- Final evaluation (outcomes, project, good practices)METHODOLOGY. The used methodologies are practices to achieve effective, efficient and repeatable activity.RESULTS AND IMPACT. In general, the project will have the main impact in education and training (VET) sector thanks to: training results of mobility participants; acquired skill (soft skill, professional skill, personal, cultural and ethical skill); recognition of training credits. The dissemination strategy will support the global objectives and specific project activities, in particular the publication of the project OUTPUT (materials, in particular the video made by the participants), but also the OUTCOMES (results) and OUTREACH (impact).LONG TERM BENEFITS. In the long term, we expect: greater involvement of Italian partners (institutional or non), the extension of the partnership abroad, from territorial and skill point of view; the possibility to carry out exchange projects and cooperation also thanks to the participation in other European programs (as COSME and other instruments that finance the social and wellness tourism etc.); the opportunity to become (as the Consortium) a prestigious partner in mobility management and the adoption of the logic EQAVET nd of the system of recognition of the credits ECVET.



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