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Mobilisierung des Personals zur Durchführung des Bilingualen Unterrichts im Rahmen der Internationalisierung
Date du début: 31 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Friedrich-Ludwig-Jahn school Großengottern has since its inception always evolving and achieved a high standard. For this purpose for many years include the opening to the world through exchange programs, study tours, foreign language assistants, exchange students, etc. This is one of many international projects, which characterize our school. For two years there for the ninth and tenth classes bilingual week in which the students are taught exclusively in English. More and more colleagues are interested in the expansion of this project and try to retrain, if possible, to give the growing demands, a modern bilingual education to meet. This project will serve to improve the language skills that enable a professional handling of the own specialized and foreign language. The two participants Mrs Judith Unfug-Leinhos and Mrs Margitta Weber are highly motivated and committed colleagues who have contributed to the life of our school by their far beyond the school day beyond quality assurance activities, and now to use this training to expand this branch and want. But we would like in this project continue on our exchange programs (Slovakia) and our study trips (England, France, and from the coming school year Spain) to hold and support it. We have a lot of interested students who deal openly in dealing with exchange programs during schooltime or after. This is also due to this concept, which is characterized by international openness. To support this further, we try to find ways to educate our colleagues and to make them strong for the educational leadership of such projects.