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Mobile Learning in VET towards 2020
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Conditions of young people is still alarming in several EU Member States, including some of the project consortium’s members. And the situation risks to go worse if we consider that people with low (or no) formal qualifications will find it more difficult to get a job in the future. According to Eurostat, in fact, in 2013 early school leaving accounted for 12%, the average rate of NEET aged 15-24 reached 13.1% in 2012 while the youth unemployment rate was 22.9% in the EU28 in Feb.2014. The broad scope of ‘Mobile Learning in VET towards 2020’ (Mo.L.VET 2.0.20) is foster m-learning pedagogy, to help reducing early school leaving, decreasing the number of 15-year-olds under-skilled, contributing to the development of the so-called 21st century skills such as ICT literacy, collaborating, communicating, creativity, problem solving and ultimately to support modernization of education and training systems (responding to Europa 2020 as well as Erasmus+ goals). The underlying rationale of Mo.L.VET 2.0.20 is that mobile-learning pedagogy and tools are a key lever for more effective learning and to reducing barriers to education and training. Students attending training at partner organisations are often disaffected towards formal education and activities, live in troubled families, may have already experienced failure in school, score worse performances, risk more to be excluded from the labour market and the society. Mo.L.VET 2.0.20 concerns FORMAL LEARNING with the aim of complying with official education/training curricula; nonetheless, mobile devices allow ubiquitous access to learning contents, outside the school too, and open up learning to new contexts and experiences. This is a challenge for both the students and the teachers who have to plan and facilitate these processes. The innovative aspect of the project’s approach is letting trainers/teachers and learners become CO-PRODUCERS of contents and tools and not only USERS; Mo.L.VET 2.0.20 aims at rebuilding the concept of formal learning and PEDAGOGY. Roles of trainers/teachers and learners change. The project will move from a grass-root research comparing the Consortium members’ mobile learning or ICT-based learning practices to results of main researches on the matter; the result will be a Guidebook on M-Learning being the basis of the training of the trainers and the development of the mobile-learning unit models, that is the planning of the mobile-based activities to be done with students during classes in the following sectors: Tourism, Electrics/Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Beauty and Wellness, Mechanics, Graphics, ICT, English, Photography and Cooking. These activities will lead to the production of mobile learning artefacts. Main expected results are: - 1 Guidebook for teachers/trainers in partners’ languages. - 10 mobile learning unit models (related to the above mentioned sectors/topics). - 10 mobile learning unit artefacts (related to the same sectors/topics listed above): around 150 students involved. - A joint staff training event hold in the UK: 16 trainers/teachers trained and 3 University teachers involved. - 2 public conferences organised at mid-term in the UK (during the training of the staff) and at the end in Italy; around 100 people involved. - Around 2,000 students aged 14-25 participating in the public presentations made by their mates to showcase their m-learning artefacts. - Around 150 professionals joining in the internal meetings to be organised by each participating organisation: these are teachers, tutors but also local stakeholders such as VET officials etc. The project and its main products and results will be publicised through: 2,000 printed project promotional cards available in partners’ languages, 4 newsletters, the project website and Facebook page. A BLOG dedicated to trainers/teachers involved in the project will be open to other professionals too. Due to the fact that most of the project's Outputs will be available on the website, the consortium agrees that all resources, as described, will be transferred to partners’ websites where they will stay for 5 years more after the project's ending. For some of the partners, Mo.L.VET 2.0.20 is complementary to on-going initiatives or investment plans promoting innovation of didactics and learning programmes. Mo.L.VET 2.0.20 is promoted by a group of 8 partners from 6 different Member States (Sweden, the UK, France, Spain, Italy and Turkey) representing education, vocational training, further education, higher education, industry, and VET professionals. Project consortium members are: Scuola Centrale Formazione, Formatech srl and the University of Milan-Bicocca (Italy), Dirección Xeral de Educación, FP e Innovación Educativa (Spain), Coleg Cambria (the UK), Innovative Educators Association (Yenilikci Egitimciler Dernegi, Turkey), Lichron Teknikgymnasium (Sweden), and Fondation Auteuil Lycée Professionnel Privé Victorine Magne (France).



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