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MobIle Laboratory Capacity for the Rapid Assessment of CBRN Threats Located within and outside the EU (MIRACLE)
Date du début: 1 déc. 2013, Date de fin: 31 mai 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background: In case of major intentional, accidental or natural CBRN incident, fast in field identification of agents is crucial for optimal risk assessment, risk management, and counter measures. A determining factor is to bring a rapidly CRBN deployable diagnostic and forensic capacity as close as possible to the crisis area.Objective: To harmonize the definition of a CBRN mobile laboratory and to identify the needs and solutions for deployment in- and outside the EU.Methods: An evidence-based multidimensional matrix (type of threats, magnitude, location, societal impact) will be used to define the scenarios and missions justifying the use of CBRN deployable capacities. A state of the art of existing capacities within the EU and gap analysis will be carried out to identify actions for improvements and to assess the best possible organizational and operational architectures enabling sustainability at optimal costs for the society. The role of national or international regulatory authorities and agencies will be reviewed to assess which should be stakeholders of CBRN mobile capacities and how to coordinate the activities these EU mechanism of CBRN crisis management. A straightforward interface with existing EU capabilities and expertise will be delineated. A strong emphasis will also be put on other synergistic EU and non-EU projects. Practicalities (i.e., structures, equipments and functions including operational procedures, communication, logistics, forensics and related legal issues) will be assessed with technological suppliers and end-users. Building partnerships and cooperation with interested stakeholders (e.g., EU key actors, nations within and outside the EU in strong demand for this type of capacity) will be a specific task dedicated to the dissemination of the MIRACLE project.Impact: A set of deliverables leading to an evidence-based CBRN mobile laboratory architecture based on flexibility, scalability, modularity, and interoperability.



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