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Mobile Assistance for Groups Individuals within the Community - STROKE REHABILITATION (MAGIC)
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2020 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

MAGIC Post Stroke Project Team has united members from across Europe, dedicated to enable significant change in the delivery of health & social care (H&SC) services for patients post stroke. The consortium has recognised a significant gap in care associated with the recovery of such patients & we need a new way of meeting the needs of 508,000 new post stroke EU citizens/ year. Demographic changes are such that H&SC systems are failing to keep pace with demand & are not fit for purpose. By working in new ways & by reengineering systems with novel innovative technology & solutions we can think differently about our approach to care & improve the well-being for our patients; optimising the opportunity for recovery post stroke. Presently 1/3rd of all stroke patients are discharged from hospital with a significant change to life style, well-being, health status & independence. Community H&SC services do not enable patients to make a sufficient recovery post stroke. A search of state of the art technologies indicated much progress in the development of technologies to assist patients but no system is available to significantly affect rehabilitative improvement to scale; with no solution integration with H&SC services. Therefore, Public Procurers cannot go to open tender to deploy effective technology to solve system failures. The MAGIC Consortium recognised Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) as the only way to stimulate the market to find a solution to our common problem. MAGIC is an essential & strategically critical programme for the Team to optimise a patient’s recovery, to modernise H&SC systems to meet demand & to stimulate research, development & innovation. MAGIC will also stimulate European industry to become a global leader in this innovative field. Use of PCP is of particular interest to the consortium members & is new for many. Therefore, observer states will participate to contribute to the Pan-European improvement in care and to proactively share PCP knowledge.



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