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Mnoge kulture imajo samo en jezik: Umetnost
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As a Slovenian primary school with Italian teaching language we have a special position within the school system of the Republic of Slovenia. This special value is due to a greater number of taught foreign languages than in other Slovenian primary schools, which attracts more foreign students to our school. Such situation does not only bring an increased number of teaching challenges and opportunities for our teachers to deal with, but it also increases the tension within the school climate because of racial, religious and cultural diversity; diversity that is often the cause of serious conflicts, which teachers without the appropriate knowledge are not able to deal with. Therefore the project aims at combining the needs of all participants; students, teachers, and school leaders, with a common goal of implementation of new strategies for the integration of foreign students. The objective of the project is to establish a series of several activities for students, that will help us prevent the many conflicts and improve the sense of integration in the school environment, but also within the society of foreign students and their families. Since the current professional training of our teachers in this field is not adequate the project of the European mobility will contribute to their professional training in the field of solving intercultural conflicts. By attending international seminars organized within the project they will be opened up to a possibility of establishing several new contacts and friendships that will form the basis for future partnerships in the context of the European mobility. Various activities will be carried out within the project. Workshops that will promote the presentation of student’s native homelands, cultures and traditions through art and creativity will be held at our school. Among other things, it will be organized an multicultural day for the presentation of artists, athletes, eminent persons, traditional costumes and cultural traditions. Initially, there will be workshops that are already established in our current teaching strategies. Those will be then followed by the workshops with upgraded strategies that teachers will learn at the educational seminars within the project. It is expected that these targeted activities will improve the integration of foreign students in the school environment. Moreover its potential is in reducing the number of conflicts between cultures, in particular, the project will probably awaken a sense of inclusion in foreign students. This feeling will then be passed from students to their loved ones and will thereby enable them to become more active members of our society too.