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Młodzież bliżej Europy (Youth closer to Europe)
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In a frame of project "Youth Closer to Europe" we collaborate with our partners from Georgia, France, Germany , Spain and Poland under European Voluntary Service for tolerance, acceptance of diversity and intercultural dialogue. Based on our needs, the need of our partners and their local communities we want to contribute to the understanding of "intercultural education" in everyday life and to build the appropriate attitudes towards people of "other", "foreign" and "disabled" who needs respectful and dignified treatment. We pay particular attention to the children. We want to take an active part in forming their cultural attitudes.To implement this idea, a total of 8 young people are welcome in the period from mid-May 2016 to July 2017 to participate in long-term volunteering. 6 people from: Georgia, France, Spain and Germany will collaborate with us in Poland, while two young people from Poland will join our partner in Georgia . All volunteers will be working with our regular partners: in Poland, the School No. 11 and the Special Educational Centre in Bialystok, in Georgia with the organization "Georgian Youth for Europe" in Rustavi. In these centers, volunteers work with: children and young people (including people with disabilities) and the local community.Volunteers support their host organizations through various activities, such as: assistance during free time for children and young people with artistic and creative activities, conducting classes and workshops on interculturalism, "tolerance" and many others. They will be using active methods and techniques in the field of non-formal education.Volunteers to take a part in these activities do not need to have special qualifications or skills. What mainly matters is their motivation and willingness to work actively in the hosting institution.In the long term we expect the following results and benefits of the project:- Acceptance and understanding of "otherness" - Promotion and dissemination of tolerance,- Intercultural dialogue among inhabitants (local community) and people involved in the project.- Spread the idea of preventing discrimination on based on disability-spread the idea of non-discrimination based on any differentiation (eg. age, disability, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion or belief, etc.)- Increasing interest in European issues,- Stimulation of children and young people (and their families) in an environment of host organizations to operate and active citizenship- Increase competences among the partners and the strengthening of international cooperation- Development of volunteers (in terms of personal and professional) in order to improve chances on the labor market.



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