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Mladi v postkonfliktni družbi
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The twelve months long EVS project will take place in Sarajevo from September 2015 to August 2016. Volunteer is going to do volunteer work in the organization Krila nade. She is interested in human rights, crisis and postconflict development, that is the reason she wanted to become EVS volunteer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is going to be involved in performing regular activities of host organization and its' projects about postconflict development, human rights, improving position of marginalized groups and informal education. She is going to promote activities of Krila nade, possibilities for volunteering and international mobility, including Erasmus+ and EVS, and also human rights. Volunteer will also perform journalistic workshops which wil help participants in gaining basic knowledge about journalism work. EVS volunteer will also work with other employees of Krila nade on developing, applying and implementing its' projects. She will have presentations on local high schools and host organization about opportunities for volunteering and informal education. Volunteer will be encouraged to develop her own ideas and project. She will use methods of informal education, including workshops, working in smaller groups, individual work, lectures, and presentations. Volunteer will have the opportunity to live and work in a new cultural environment, on the other hand youth from the local area will have the opportunity for multicultural education and through her project and promotion of EVS they will learn how volunteer programms are implemented. Goals of the projects are acquiring new skills and knowledge of the volunteers. Through her activities she will get to understand needs of the people living in postconflict socities and hot to address it and which methods to use in working with them. Other goals are implementing promotion activities, preparing a joint international project of sending and host organisation and also development of volunteer's project. Expected impacts of EVS project are acquiring competences of the volunteer, including new ideas and suggestions of the vounteer in the work of the host organisation, volunteer and local youth will learn about new countries and gain multicultural competences. Goal of the project is also that more youth from Bosnia and Herzegovina will be included in international mobility and acquiring new knowledge and competences through journalistic workshops. Also impacts are expected on other organizations, that they get an EVS accreditation and decide to host a volunteer and also with this local youth will get the opportunity to become an EVS volunteer. Indicators if we reached our goals will be performance of promotions about international mobility and volunteering, new EVS accreditations of organizations in BiH or its' decision to host an EVS volunteer, decision on some youth from BiH to become an EVS volunteer, performance of journalistic workshops, issue of Youthpass and prepared Europass CV, development of volunteer's personal project, performance of an activity after the return to Slovenia, media articles and development of sending organization's new international project with host organization.



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